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Spott's Beach is a snorkeller's paradise. There are very few amenities, just the basics such as a portaloo and the odd, shaded picnic table, and no vendors, so make sure to bring your own refreshments if making an afternoon of it. That being said, the snorkelling, sunbathing and swimming are all first rate here and there is sufficient parking.

Beach Amenities



  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Often turtles can be seen

Additional Information

Arguably one of the best snorkelling sites on the Island, on exiting the water many visitors read off a long list of the marine life they have spotted here. More often than not, a turtle is at the very top of their lists. Sometimes it's possible to even spy them from the dock, as one passes coming up for air. The current can get really quite strong, so if swimming or snorkelling we recommend only proficient swimmers venture more than a fifty feet from the beach, and certainly avoid swimming out to the reef.


Savannah, Grand Cayman

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