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Barkers National Park

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Nestled in the heart of a national park, this hidden gem offers the best seat for witnessing breathtaking sunrises over the water. Although the criss-crossing roads and trail to the island's most remote point is a little rough, the Caribbean views awaiting are worth the careful drive. This tranquil, all but undiscovered paradise, less frequented by visitors, boasts a pristine beach and crystal-clear waters and fascinating wildlife. It's not ideal for swimming as it's a little rocky and theres quite a bit of seagrass, but a paddle to cool off would suffice. There are no designated parking areas but there is space to do so roadside. You might spot a few picnic tables to relax on and watch the kitesurfers.

Beach Amenities



  • Adventure sports
  • Serene views
  • Fascinating wildlife

Additional Information

Amidst the delectable cuisine, stunning beaches, and azure seas of the Cayman Islands, Barkers stands out as a departure from the norm, especially for those yearning for a brush with Mother Nature. It's an ideal haven for adventurous families eager to delve into the natural habitat of a myriad of wild birds that make the area their home. 

For families seeking a break from the usual beach routine, Barkers is a must-visit destination. The area buzzes with various activities, from ATV rides and horseback excursions to paddleboarding and most common, kite surfing. In the winter months, kite surfers will be out most weekends and it is a fun sport to watch from Barker's beach. 

On a quiet weekday, you can still bask in the sun on Barkers' shores in near to complete serenity, save the bird sounds, but just bring your own supplies and be sure to leave no trace, as it is a national park.


Conch Point Road
West Bay, Grand Cayman

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