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About the Cayman Islands

Explore the rich history of the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands are located in the western Caribbean, just over an hour’s flying time from Miami. Composed of three islands, Grand Cayman is by far the largest and best known.

The Cayman Islands are famed above all for their excellent diving and beautiful beaches, although the financial services industry is one of the mainstays of the economy, alongside tourism. With a population of around 80,000 the Islands ranks as one of the top vacation destinations in the world – alongside major cities such as Sydney, Paris, and London. With the highest standard of living in the Caribbean, the tourism industry is geared toward the luxury market. Seven Mile Beach has won awards for the Caribbean’s best beach and offers some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world.

SMB dusk
Award-winning and world-class: looking southeast towards Seven Mile Beach at dusk

In December of 2023, the Cayman Islands was honored with the title of "Luxury Destination of the Year" at the Caribbean Travel Awards 2024, as such the territory is considered to be at the forefront of new Caribbean luxury destinations.

The 10th Caribbean Travel Awards recognizes individuals and locations that contribute to the success of the Caribbean. The awards showcase the best hotels, outstanding tourism executives, and islands that stand out in the realms of cuisine, romantic destinations, sustainability, and innovation.

The publisher of the regional travel and tourism magazine Caribbean Journal, which announced the winners, expressed that luxury is evolving, "Luxury isn't the same everywhere. And luxury also isn't what it used to be." The Cayman Islands was commended for redefining the concept of luxury, attracting travellers with a destination that offers the pinnacle of luxury without affectation or imperiousness.

Caribbean Journal's editorial team, consisting of leading experts in Caribbean travel and tourism, selected the winners. Alexander Britell, editor and publisher of Caribbean Journal, conveyed his congratulations, emphasising the vibrancy of this year's winners and acknowledging those who tirelessly contribute to solidifying the Caribbean's position as the ultimate global travel destination.

Also in 2023, the Cayman Islands was recognised as the eighth-best nature destination globally by Trip Advisor. Amidst tough competition from renowned places like Mauritius, Nepal’s Kathmandu, and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, the Caymans are highlighted as a standout paradise. Particularly, Seven Mile Beach has once again gained international acclaim, ranking 14th among the world's most sought-after beaches and fourth in the competitive Caribbean category. Described as, "A slice of paradise, Seven Mile Beach boasts sugary sands, crystal-clear waters, palm-shaded cabanas, and vibrant coral reefs, making it a top destination for those seeking an idyllic island escape."

The award listing emphasises the beach's perfect turquoise water and clean, soft sand and urges travellers not to miss out on this breathtaking experience.

Ritz pool and beach 1
The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman


The 2020 Travellers Choice awards named Seven Mile Beach as one of the best in the world, voting it number 6 out of 25 beaches around the world.

Getting Here

The Cayman Islands beckon travellers for a number or reasons, such as divers seeking to spot diverse marine life, luxury seekers looking to stay in some of the Caribbean's top accommodations, foodies looking for exquisite cuisine that would rival dishes from the best restaurants in cosmopolitan mainland cities, and then those just looking for some of the best beaches in the world.  Whatever the reasons to visit, direct flights from major cities in the USA and the UK provide seamless connections, allowing visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the Islands' unique charm in practically no time at all.

Cruise Ships

We'd rather you stay longer, but if you can't, a day trip to Grand Cayman on a Caribbean cruise will have to do!

Grand Cayman are undoubtedly a popular destination for cruise vacations. There are many cruise lines that offer itineraries to the Islands, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and MSC Cruises. These cruises range from shorter getaways to longer itineraries that include other Caribbean destinations. When choosing a cruise to the Cayman Islands, consider your budget, preferences, and desired itinerary.

Best Time to Visit

Now! We're not kidding. But, if you'd like to pick a season, then click the button above to see what the advantages and disadvantages (there aren't many!) are of travelling here at certain times.

Botanic park blue iguana
The endangered blue iguana


The Cayman Islands boast a captivating natural environment characterized by pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters teeming with exotic marine wildlife and vibrant coral reefs.

Seven Mile Beach, renowned for its sugary sands, is complemented by lush landscapes and a relaxed tropical atmosphere. The Islands also feature unique wildlife, including the indigenous blue iguana.

With protected marine parks and flourishing biodiversity, the Cayman Islands are a nature lover's paradise, providing a serene escape in the heart of the Caribbean.

Wildlife & Ecosystem

The Islands' terrestrial ecosystems support a variety of reptiles, birds such as the Red-footed Booby and Cayman parrot, small mammals like the agouti and countless other species. The waters surrounding the Islands are teeming with marine life, including coral reefs, sea turtles, and dolphins. Click the buttons for more on Cayman's natural world.

Archive image of curving main road in old george town


Visit Mission House in Grand Cayman to learn more about life in Cayman in the early 1800s

There's no better way to learn more about Cayman's past and heritage than the national museum. Click for more.

The Cayman Islands boast a diverse and storied history, marked by resilience in the face of adversity. Despite encountering hardships, this Caribbean jewel has developed into an eclectic and vibrant society, earning envy worldwide.

Founded upon the sea with God's help, which the country's national motto speaks to, and with limited natural resources to boot, the Islands have managed to thrive, evolving into a remarkable destination. Click for more information on the remarkable progress so far.


The culture of the Cayman Islands is a captivating blend of influences reflecting its historical roots. Enriched by the traditions of seafaring and piracy, British colonial heritage, and the diverse backgrounds of its residents, the culture embraces a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Islanders take pride in their vibrant local music, dance, and culinary traditions, with events like the Cayman Carnival Batabano showcasing lively celebrations. The strong sense of community and respect for nature further contribute to the unique cultural fabric of the Cayman Islands, making it a harmonious fusion of history, diversity, and hospitality. Click the buttons to learn more.

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The Cayman Islands have so much to offer, it will take many repeat visits just to scratch the surface. However, the good news is you can plan your next trip on a variety of platforms, which are richly detailed and regularly updated to make sure that you get the best out of the Islands and your valuable time. We recommend:

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