Things to Do in Savannah

Things to Do in Savannah

A guide to discovering this unspoiled area of Grand Cayman.

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Last updated 12 March, 2024

Savannah is off the beaten track and a lovely area to explore. It boasts one of Cayman’s top attractions, Spotts Beach, with its abundance of turtles to spot and a bird sanctuary. This is one area you won’t want to miss exploring.

Known by locals as ‘Pedro Castle’, this Great House is the oldest surviving stone structure in the Cayman Islands and is home to many cultural and historic tales.

It was built using slave labour in 1780 by a wealthy Englishman, William Eden and has been put to a variety of uses, including a cotton plantation, courthouse, jail and Government Assembly. It was the venue for not only the decision in 1831 to form the Cayman Island’s first elected parliament, but also to announce that slavery had been abolished in the British Empire in 1835.

Check out these dining options nearby

Spott's Beach is a snorkeller's paradise. There are very few amenities, just the basics such as a portaloo and the odd, shaded picnic table, and no vendors, so make sure to bring your own refreshments if making an afternoon of it. That being said, the snorkelling, sunbathing and swimming are all first rate here and there is sufficient parking.

Named after a former governor, the Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary is a vital conservation area that embraces diverse ecosystems, including mangroves and wetlands. Serving as a refuge for a myriad of bird species, this attraction is a sanctuary for breeding and nesting. Visitors can explore scenic trails, gaining insight into environmental awareness and how the Cayman Islands are commitment to preserving biodiversity.


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