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Coe Wood Beach, (also known as Bodden Town Public Beach), has a basic but usefully equipped setup, with cabanas and ample parking ensuring convenient access. Similar to Colliers Beach, the sand is relatively flat and easy to navigate for the elderly. There is a wheelchair ramp for access to the cabanas.

Families can enjoy the children's play area, some fun beachcombing and there are public restroom facilities available. Visit the Grape Tree Café nearby for a delectable fish fry, adding a bit of local flavour to your beach outing. 

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The presence of a pier dock adds a picturesque element to the landscape, offering shelter and scenic views. Coe Wood has the advantage of being in the centre of Bodden town so there are several places to purchase refreshments nearby. Definitely a spot frequented by local residents, it can be a little rowdy after dark as friends in the community come to hang out.


167 Bodden Town Road
Bodden Town, Grand Cayman

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