6 Most Secluded Beaches in Grand Cayman

6 Most Secluded Beaches in Grand Cayman

Whilst Seven Mile Beach is idyllic, it's also popular. There are a few beaches in Grand Cayman that on any given day, you might find yourself alone...

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Last updated 13 December, 2023
You can spend hours on Barkers Beach and not see a soul

Not many can resist the allure of calming solitude on a tropical island, even if just for a brief moment of escape. In the Cayman Islands, a handful of beaches beckon, offering a perfect blend of seclusion and serenity without venturing too far from the well-trodden paths. Here, one can bask in the splendour of the sun, sea, and breathtaking views, undisturbed by the presence of another soul or the intrusion of external sounds—save for the occasional leap of a fish, or the melodious call of a visiting bird.

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Seven mile beach aerial

The top most popular beaches in Grand Cayman.

Cayman Kai's public beach offers unparalleled snorkelling in clear waters. With basic facilities—restrooms, a lone cabana, and ample parking—it's an isolated oasis. Bring your own essentials for a serene escape, as there are no on-site vendors.

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Consuelo's Beach

Public Beach

Consuelo's Beach, while not ideal for swimming or snorkelling, feels like a haven of solitude. This charming and meticulously maintained spot, has several picnic tables and ample parking. Its allure peaks during sunsets, when Island weddings often take place.

Governor Russell Beach, a tranquil retreat along the Island's coast road, has a single cabana overlooking the ocean and narrow, pristine beach—a perfect spot for a peaceful picnic or serene stroll.

Colliers Beach, out east, is spacious and perfect for a relaxing visit, if you catch it at the right time on a weekday. The shallow sands make it accessible and, embracing simplicity, it features basic wooden cabanas, a dock and picnic areas, all shaded by surrounding trees.

Heritage Beach

Public Beach

Although tucked next to the road, this oasis of tranquility feels like a lakeside retreat in the south of France, seemingly detached from the passage of time. As the wind gently rustles through the trees, it creates a serene atmosphere and an idyllic haven of calm and relaxation.

This hidden gem offers a serene vantage point for captivating sunrises. A seemingly undiscovered paradise, there's a pristine beach, clear waters, and captivating wildlife. Not ideal for swimming, but certainly for a cooling paddle.

Beat the heat!

Whilst some of these beaches are not exactly remote, they are better accessed by car. If you do choose to walk, always carry enough water, some kind of head protection and sunscreen too.


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