Things to Do in North Side

Things to Do in North Side

Guide to the best things to do in the beautiful North Side of Grand Cayman.

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Last updated 10 December, 2023

The North Side of Grand Cayman is a tranquil and picturesque area known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and laid-back atmosphere. Away from the bustling tourist hubs, it offers a more secluded experience, with charming attractions, diverse marine life, and opportunities for outdoor activities like snorkelling and kayaking.

Cayman Crystal Caves is situated in the lush tropical forest of beautiful North Side. Book a guided tour and get ready to embark upon an underground adventure into a fascinating world. You’ll experience some of the best nature Cayman has to offer.

Cayman Kayaks offers both Bioluminescent electric boat and kayak tours and Mangrove kayak tours. Their expert guides will teach you all about bio bay and the mangrove wetlands – one of the most important ecological systems of the world.

Starfish Point is a secluded beach which is famous for its abundance of starfish. The water here is very shallow, making it a great place to snorkel and see the starfish up close.

Rum Point Beach is a picturesque destination renowned for its serene and shallow waters, making it ideal for families. The beach offers a range of activities including swimming and watersports to snorkelling. The stylish Rum Point Club restaurant situated on the beach serves great food and drinks.

Kaibo, a spectacular seaside destination, combines the feel of a down-to-earth beach bar with the elegance of one of the Island's finer establishments. Spend the day on the beach, catch some live music and enjoy some delicious food and a wonderful experience.

Cayman Kai public beach offers excellent snorkelling in crystal-clear waters. This is a secluded and tranquil oasis, the type of Cayman escape that requires you to bring your own cooler, seating and shade, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Rum Point and Kaibo Beach Restaurant are close by.


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