Restaurants in North Side

The Best Restaurants in North Side (Rum Point & Cayman Kai)

North Side in Grand Cayman is a much quieter side to the island, however there are still a few spots to grab a tasty bite.

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Last updated 22 December, 2023

The rural nature of North Side makes it a wonderful place to visit in Grand Cayman, and is a welcome break from the busy Seven Mile Beach area. And despite the rustic nature of North Side, you'll find some upscale hidden gems that just might convince you to take a second trip to the other side of the island. One thing's for sure, you won't be short of stunning sea views at any of these spots!

After a brief hiatus, Rum Point Club reopened in 2023 with lots more on offer. The restaurant, Solis at Rum Point, serves some of the best beach cocktails on the island. Their pizzas are also scrumptious. 

Kaibo is one of the island's most popular spots for beach and food lovers! Take the water taxi across at lunch time and sit in the sun with a classic cocktail. They host a DJ or live musician most days. Or, head there on an evening and try Upstairs at Kaibo for a memorable evening trying their regularly-changing tasting menu. 

As you drive along North Side Road, which runs parallel to the shore, you'll find Over the Edge. Sit on the deck and watch as frigate birds swoop down as you much on some tasty Caribbean food.


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