Art Galleries & Local Art Shops

Art Galleries & Local Art Shops in Grand Cayman

There are a few wonderful art galleries and local art shops where you can buy something special and unique to remind you of Cayman

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Last updated 08 December, 2023
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Grand Cayman has a vibrant art scene and there are more than a handful of art galleries that showcase the diverse range of artistic styles that reflect the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of the islands. 

Emerging local artists often find a platform to display their talent, contributing to the dynamic and interesting artwork that is on display at art galleries, and also in hotels and restaurants. The include original oil, water colour and mixed-media paintings, sculptures, photographs, cards, locally made ornaments (especially at Christmas), sauces, jewellery and more. The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands stands as a focal point, featuring both historical and contemporary exhibits, as well as the National Art Collection. Art enthusiasts and casual observers alike can explore these galleries, and in doing so foster a deeper appreciation for the creative spirit flourishing in the Cayman Islands.

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is home to the NGCI National Collection which is made up of significant works of art by Caymanian artists and it is loosely assembled by decade. The body of work tells the story of Caymanian art and provides a visual record of a growing country. The Gallery hosts eight major exhibitions annually and there is also a sculpture garden and walkable labyrinth. They are open Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm and entry is free. There is lots of parking and guided tours are available by appointment. 

Located in a charming Cayman cottage just a short five minute drive out of George Town (on South Church Street on the way to South Sound), Pure Art Gallery is home to a treasure trove of local arts and crafts. There are paintings, prints and sculptures, carved Caymanite jewellery, ornaments and bracelets made from shells, ceramics, glassware, candles and gifts, sarongs, bags and hats; local jerk spices to season food, hot sauces, spices, Cayman sea salt and jams, and absolutely every spot in each of the many rooms is full of interesting things to look at and pick up! You will love it! 

The Kennedy Gallery is a fine art gallery selling an extensive selection of original, local and Cuban art, fine art photography, watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings, as well as sculptures, cards, jewellery and artist prints. Family owned and run for over three decades, the gallery also offers custom framing and gallery grade printing. They also provide a shipping service for those that live overseas. Centrally located in the West Shore Centre on Seven Mile Beach, you can find then next to the post office. 

Guy Harvey is a world-renowned artist, scientist and conservationist who used his background in marine biology, and a lifetime spent on the water, to reproduce his authentic artwork on a wide range of apparel, art prints, home goods and gift items available for purchase.  Visit the flagship Guy Harvey Gallery & Shoppe in the heart of George Town to explore the Guy Harvey coastal lifestyle collection which brings the undersea world into everyday life and helps benefit marine conservation through the research and education work of the Guy Harvey Foundation. 

Cathy Church is a world-renowned underwater photographer and her gallery, which is located at Sunset House, just a five minute drive out of George Town on South Church Street, is worth a visit. Her underwater photos of turtles, coral, sharks and fish are available at affordable prices in all sizes from postcard to huge posters, and they make a very memorable reminder of your visit to Cayman. She also rents underwater cameras and GoPro systems, and they offer a mini lesson with every rental. 

The Carlos V Garcia Fine and Contemporary Art Gallery is a studio/gallery where the artist, Carolos Garcia, and a group of other artists, have created a collective space to express, create and paint fine artwork. You are invited to visit the gallery in The Grove, just off West Bay Road towards the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, and see the artists painting, plus view the large variety of artwork which includes mixed media, abstract, surrealism, impressionist. watercolour, acrylic pen, ink, realism, sculptures and original designed furniture. 

The Gallery at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, is located on the bridge that straddles the property from the sea side of the Ritz property to the land side. This bright and airy space showcases around ten to twenty local artists in each exhibition and includes a good mix of professional artists, amateurs who paint and draw just for fun, and also new, up and coming artists who are trying to break into the art scene. The artwork is as incredibly diverse as the artists themselves, a true reflection of the dynamic blend of nationalities who call Cayman home. 

3 Girls & a Kiln is a women-owned/run art collective that is managed by three artists who produce local art and other designs and they produce art that is sold all over the Cayman Islands. They create art out of everything from magnets to wine corks and spare pendants. If you want to learn how to make your own art out of various objects, 3 Girls & a Kiln offers monthly art classes for woodworking, clay decorating, and glazing. The classes encompass all ages, but on top of that, a kids’ drop-in studio is offered every other Sunday, and holiday camps are offered during school holidays. If you enjoy art and, more importantly, enjoy creating art, make sure to check them out.


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