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Cayman Waters Dos and Don'ts

Below is a summary of the marine and environmental laws in the Cayman Islands. Any breach of these laws are considered a serious offence and you could face a fine and imprisonment.

Boating & Jet Skiing

No boating or jet skiing is permitted in designated swim areas (most of these are located along Seven Mile Beach), and you should travel at less than 5mph when your vessel is within 200 yards of the shoreline. When you get farther out, keep a really close look out for people snorkelling and diving. If you approach a boat, assume that people are in the water near it and steer a wide berth around the area. If it is flying a dive flag, you are obliged by law to slow to 5mph and proceed cautiously.


Fishing in Cayman is legal, however, ‘catch and release’ is encouraged. There is an eight inch minimum on any fish caught and there are very strict rules on which fish cannot be removed from the sea. Visit www.doe.ky/laws/marine-parks-brochure for details on protected fish. See the Fishing section for details on fishing charters.

Seasons & Catch Limits

Lobster Season: 1st December—28th February.

Lobster Limit: Three per person per day or six per boat per day, whichever is less. Six inch tail size minimum. Spiny lobsters only.

Conch Season: 1st November—30th April.

Conch Limit: Five per person per day, ten per boat per day, whichever is less.


Starfish belong in the water. It‘s illegal to remove or raise them out of the water.

Lionfish Culling

Find out more about lionfish culling in our article on the Lionfish Problem in the Cayman Islands.