Swimming in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offers perfect year-round conditions for swimming.

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Last updated 11 January, 2024

The Cayman Islands offers perfect year-round conditions for swimming. Crystal clear warm waters, little or no current and a choice of the sea or swimming pools make it the ideal place to practise your stroke, burn some calories with this low impact exercise or simply cool off on a hot day!

We have rounded up 5 great reasons to get out and swim in the beautiful waters that surround the Cayman Islands!

While swimming is a wonderful and rejuvenating activity, we recommend that people are aware of their limits. Check out our article on 10 Water Safety Tips for more information.

If you are not a confident swimmer then it’s worth considering investing in a few private swimming lessons with local swim school Sky Blue Aquatics. They are a reputable swim school who offer lessons for both adults and children. They can come to you at your home, condo or hotel and offer both pool and sea swim lessons. Whether you are a novice or experienced swimmer, these lessons are a great way to improve your confidence technique and of course safety for you and your family around water.

Annual Flowers Sea Swim

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1,000 competitors swim along Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, in the hope of winning $100,000 in prizes!

1. A great workout

Swimming works your entire body, it tones your mussels and builds strength and endurance.

2. Low Impact

It’s perfect for those who want a gentle workout while still burning calories.

3. Great for pregnant women

A great form of exercise for all three trimesters. It can help relieve swelling, build strength for labour, improve sleep and reduce stress.

4. Fun for children

As well as offering great exercise, swimming is enormous fun for children. Kids love jumping in the pool and splashing around with friends and family!

5. Make the most of the Cayman Islands

The waters around Cayman are teeming with sea life and jumping into the water to explore either by snorkelling or diving will allow you to really appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature!


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