Shore Diving in the Cayman Islands

Shore Diving in the Cayman Islands

The best shore diving in the Cayman Islands

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Last updated 19 December, 2023
Great shore dives await at Sunset House

Cayman has a number of great dive sites that are accessible directly from the shore. The underwater drop-off is so close in many areas, and as a place where marine life tends to assemble, it's the perfect location to experience some great shore dives.

Certified divers can rent tanks and gear and go diving on their own schedule, independent of a group. However, the usual rules still apply so make sure you go with a buddy, and do not dive without the supervision of a divemaster if you do not feel confident and experienced enough. Let someone on shore know where you have gone and what time you expect to be back.

Gear and Tank Rentals

Most of the shore dive sites in Grand Cayman have on-site dive shops that offer gear and tank rentals. For the more adventurous diver looking to explore dive sites that don't have facilities, gear and tanks can be rented from Divers Supply and Eden Rock Diving Center. Only Eden Rock offers outside Nitrox tank rentals.

Sunset Divers

Dive Shop

Sunset Divers offers snorkelling, boat and shore dive options, plus a restaurant and bar.

Shore Dive Sites

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Sunset House's 600lb, 9ft tall 'Amphitrite' in 55ft of pristine Cayman Waters

The perfect casual dining spot to watch the sunset, post-dive or simply with family and friends.


  • Location: Sound Sound, Sunset House Dive Hotel
  • On-site dive shop with entry ladder: Yes - Sunset Divers
  • Description: See the famous 9ft mermaid statue called Amphitrite who sits 55ft below the surface. She is only a 10 minute swim from the shore.


  • Location: North Side (Head East after reaching end of Frank Sound Rd on the north shore. Pull off and park just West of Northern Lights Condos)
  • On-site dive shop with entry ladder: No
  • Description: Not for the faint of heart. Normally a boat dive, the Babylon dive site is accessible as a shore dive although it requires a lengthy surface swim and challenging entry. From shore, you'll notice a few mooring buoys in the area. Babylon is easily recognised by its much larger buoy that is needed to accommodate the Aggressor Liveaboard. Noted as one of the best wall dives in the Caribbean where you’ll find lots of healthy coral and fantastic marine life such as parrotfish, queen triggerfish, Creole wrasses, barracuda, tarpon and more. Look out for pelagics like turtles, ray and even the occasional hammerhead or Caribbean reef shark.
  • Insider Tip: Be sure to lock your vehicle and bring your key with you during the dive. Burglaries have been reported from divers trying to hide keys under nearby rocks.

You can rent (and purchase) the equipment and tanks you need for shore diving from Diver's Supply.


  • Location: Downtown George Town
  • On-site dive shop with entry ladder: Yes - Eden Rock Diving Center
  • Description: Explore caves and tunnels - keep an eye out for huge tarpon too!
Guardian Reef LP edited
The 13ft Guardian at Lighthouse Point presides over the reef and makes a habitat for marine creatures


  • Location: West Bay, Lighthouse Point Condos
  • On-site dive shop with entry ladder: Yes - Divetech Lighthouse Point
  • Description: Just minutes off shore you’ll find an awesome mini wall abundant with marine life, sponges and coral reefs. Head past the mini wall another 100 yards and you will find Turtle Head Canyon and Twin Peaks in 70-95' before the deep wall. Dive site is well marked for divers navigation. New to Lighthouse Point 2014 was the sinking of the 13ft bronze sculpture of The Guardian of the Reef. The statue, a mythological creature, half ancient warrior and half seahorse, is meant to be a beacon of marine conservation and sits just off Divetech’s Lighthouse Point in West Bay. The statue has already started attracting marine life and over time, coral and sponges will start to grow on the statue’s base.


  • Location: Downtown George Town
  • On-site dive shop with entry ladder: No. As of 2021 this dive site is now off limits to snorkellers and divers unless they get special permission from the Port Authority. This is because the site is now falls within the Port Anchorage Area and there is a risk of injury from vessel traffic. Anyone who wishes to seek permission to access the Cali or Balboa can the Port Security office on VHF 16 or on (345) 914 3700.
  • Description: The 220ft steel schooner hosts an abundance of marine life and is an ideal starting place for divers.

SunDivers offer a great shore drive with Turtle Reef only a short swim away from the entry ladder. Macabuca and Cracked Conch are also located there for drinks and either casual or fine dining to wrap up your day.


  • Location: West Bay, Cracked Conch/Macabuca Restaurant
  • On-site dive shop with entry ladder: Yes - Sundivers
  • Description: Here you will find the 'mini-wall' which boasts vibrant, healthy coral and is teeming with sea life.


Some sections of the legendary Bloody Bay Wall are accessible directly from shore.

Little Cayman Divers is dedicated to providing you with the best diving possible.

Be prepared for the conditions

The water temperature in the Cayman Islands ranges from 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you'll still need to wear a wetsuit to protect yourself from the sun and to keep you warm. You should also be aware of the currents, which can be strong in some areas.


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