Shore Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Shore Fishing

Tips and information on shore fishing in the Cayman Islands including fishing regulations and where to buy bait.

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Last updated 14 December, 2023
Handline fishing

Shore fishing is no longer allowed within the designated marine park areas. In areas outside of marine parks, anyone is allowed to fish from the shore in Cayman but the practice of catch and release is encouraged. You can expect to catch grunts, snapper, Sergeant Majors and maybe a barracuda for the more determined angler!

Whilst there are numerous beaches and flats suitable to fish from across the Island, it’s important to find a space relatively free from crowds for the mutual benefit of both fishermen and beach goers. When fishing from docks, remember to look out for the wake of passing boats as this can affect your cast. There are a few quieter docks and boat ramps dotted around the Island that may be worthwhile spots to fish from. Smith’s Cove (Smith Barcadere) is a popular spot for beach goers and snorkellers, but this sandy cove is framed on either side by a stretch of iron shore ideal to cast your line off of, away from swimmers and tourists.

Due to the number of coastal restaurants across the Island that feed them, tarpons can often be found inches from the shore in groups of 20-30. You will be hard-pressed to find an adequate fishing spot in these typically tourist-filled areas; however it’s worth investigating if you’re curious and after a bigger catch  with some serious fight! If you do catch one, release them immediately. The meat is tough, full of tiny bones and doesn't taste good at all!

For more information about Marine Parks, Boundaries, and the Marine Parks App, please visit DOE's Marine Parks website.

Bait me

Most grocery stores and gas stations across the island stock frozen ballyhoo and squid by the pound, ready for rigging.

Divers Supply sell all-in-one fishing kits with rods, line, sinkers and floats. Everything you'll need for a day of shore fishing. You'll just need to buy the bait and bring your luck! Tight lines!


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