Inshore Reef Fishing in the Cayman Islands

Inshore Reef Fishing In Cayman

Guide to inshore reef fishing in the Cayman Islands: find fishing charters and learn about the types of fish you'll find inshore and in the shallow backwaters.

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Last updated 14 December, 2023

Grand Cayman is almost entirely surrounded by a coral reef that is home to an abundance of tropical fish. These ecosystems are hugely bio diverse – supporting all degrees of marine life from smaller bait fish through to top order predators. It is this characteristic which makes them a fisherman’s dream! With such a wealth of fish, reef fishing is a great activity for the whole family as even the youngest fishers are almost guaranteed success.

For inshore fishing, expect to reel in yellowtail, snapper, blue runner, bar jack, barracuda and smaller reef species. Catch and release is encouraged to avoid depletion of stocks and it is reassuring to know that survival rate of released fish in shallow waters tends to be higher than that of deep sea fishing. However, fish within legal size limits (see Fishing Restrictions above) can be taken home. In season you will also have the opportunity to dive for conch and lobster.

It is also very important to practise safe fishing methods when fishing near a reef. Destructive fishing methods, such as fishing using gill nets and beach seines can damage surrounding coral reefs as they drag on the ocean floor. Such fishing methods are prohibited in the Cayman Islands. It is an offense to cause damage to a coral reef through anchoring and there are restrictions on how close you can anchor to any coral heads. If you witness any persons breaking these laws it is important to contact the Department of Environment!

Marine Parks

Grand Cayman has a comprehensive network of marine parks covering over 48% of its territorial waters. These protected areas, such as the George Town Marine Park, Coxswain Bank, and those around Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, serve as crucial havens for diverse marine life, including coral reefs, fish, and marine mammals. Designed to preserve breeding grounds and habitats, these parks contribute significantly to the ecological health of the island's waters. They also solidify Grand Cayman's global standing as a premier diving and snorkeling destination.

You can learn more about the Cayman Islands' Marine Parks by visiting the Department of Environment's website.

Download the Conserve Cayman App

The Cayman Islands Department of the Environment has created an App to show the boundaries for the Marine Parks' zones . You can also learn about the laws, closed seasons and catch limits for various marine species as well as protections in place for others. Download the Cayman DoE App from Google or Apple. 

Fishing Charters

The following recommended companies can also take you offshore reef fishing.

Cayman Luxury Charters

Private Boat Charter

Luxury private charters. Step aboard their stunning boats where you'll enjoy a special day cruising the North Sound.

Cayman Islands Sailing Charters

Private Boat Charters

Cayman Islands Sailing Charters offers you a personable, private sailing charter, tailored to your specific needs at competitive prices.

Y-Knot Charters

Private Charters & Fishing

Y-Knot Private Charters offers customisable half and full day fishing adventures! You can also combine with exploring Stingray City, Starfish Point and other snorkelling spots.


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