George Town Walking Tour in Grand Cayman

Learn about the capital city, George Town in Grand Cayman, and the history of the Cayman Islands on a walking tour or take a guided tour led by a local expert.

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Last updated 22 December, 2023

Family Walking Tour

  • 1. Start at the National Museum A great introduction to Cayman’s natural history and heritage. There are interactive displays, a movie theatre, a children’s gallery and gift shop. (Allow 40–60mins).
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Cayman Islands National Museum

Tour the Cayman Islands National Museum

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  • 2. Step Well Keeping the waterfront on your right, walk to the stingray fountain outside Bayshore Mall. Walk into the mall and at the end of the building on the left hand side you will see a small door leading to the oldest structure in Cayman dating back to the 1700s. Entry is free. (5–10mins)
  • 3. Heroes Square Walk Walk back past the Museum, turn right into Cardinall Avenue, then left into Albert Panton Street. 100 yards on the right you will see a long colourful mural depicting Cayman’s history. Continue another 50 yards past the law courts and you can explore Heroes Square and the Wall of Honour, which lists the names of 500 Caymanians who have contributed to the betterment of the Cayman Islands. You'll also see the clock tower which was built in 1937 in memory of King George V. (15–20 mins)
  • 4. Fort George Now turn left into Fort Street and at the end you will find the 18th century fort, with replica canon, that was used to defend Grand Cayman from attacks by Spanish marauders and piracy. In 2014 a restoration of the fort was completed adding a replica look out post that was used by the Home Guard in World War II to watch for German submarines. A three piece mural painted by artist John Broad was also added. The murals depicts different scenes throughout Fort George’s lifetime. (10–15mins)
  • 5. Craft Market Continue walking with the waterfront on your left, and next to Dairy Queen you will find the Craft Market. Shop for locally produced goods and craft items which make great gifts. More stalls are open when cruise ships are visiting. Monday-Friday 8.30am-3pm. (15–30 mins)
  • 6. Fish Market Walk a little further along the waterfront and see where the fishermen sell their daily catch. (10mins)

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Other Points of Interest

  • 7. Elmslie Church Named after Rev. James Elmslie, who preached in Cayman in the 1840s, this church was constructed during the 1920s by the naval architect Capt. Rayal Bodden. (Inside you will notice the roof is designed like a ship’s hull turned upside down). A war memorial in the form of a large white Celtic cross stands just in front of the church. Open to visitors Monday-Friday 7am-3pm. If closed ask in the church office. (15–30mins)
  • 8. Cayman Islands Parliament Now turn down Fort Street. Walk for 100 yards and on the left is the House of Parliament where government meets. When Parliament is in session, members of the public can watch the proceedings from the public viewing gallery on the second floor. (5mins)
  • 9. Seamen’s Memorial The statue represents a father and son on a ship’s deck and features the names of 450 brave and heroic Caymanian seafarers who lost their lives at sea. Located in Heroes Square.
  • 10. WW II US Navy Base Code named Baldpate, this secret base of 40-60 men helped monitor submarine activity in the area. The base consisted of a radio shack, supply office, barracks/tents and an officer’s club.

Maritime Heritage Trail

This 20 stop tour celebrates Cayman’s rich maritime heritage. It's usually a driving tour, with stops marked by roadside signs, but you can walk to two of the sites in George Town. For more information on the tour, pick up a booklet from the National Museum.

  • Hog Sty Bay A bustling port with anchorage for local vessels, visiting merchant navy and cruise ships. Archeology finds suggest that the shoreline dates back to the mid-1700s. In 1773 British Navy Surveyor, George Gauld, wrote ‘This, in good weather is very convenient place for wooding and watering and getting stock and other refreshment'.
  • Shipbuilding Look very carefully beside the old Atlantis Submarine building for a slipway carved into the ironshore where the Arch family’s shipyard launched their vessels. Local wood was used in construction, including mahogany, cedar and pop nut. You will find a number of other slipways if you follow the iron shore south towards Dart Park.

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