Bioluminescence Tours

Bioluminescence Tours in Grand Cayman

Explore the bioluminescent bay in Grand Cayman with tours ranging from eco-friendly kayak tours and electric boat trips to exclusive private charters.

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Last updated 20 December, 2023

Cayman is lucky enough to be one of just a handful of places worldwide where you can experience the Bioluminescence phenomenon. Bioluminescence is the emission of light by living organisms that live in the water. The concentration of these organisms in the bay is so high that when the water is disturbed it glows brightly. Promoted as one of nature’s best kept secrets, this is one tour that should not be missed!

Editor's Tip

To get the most out of these trips there needs to be little moonlight so tours do not run every evening. Please contact operators to confirm schedule.

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is the creation and emission of light from living organisms through a chemical reaction involving a light-emitting pigment. This phenomenon is found in various organisms such as bacteria, fungi, insects, jellyfish and certain fish. It can be experienced in several parts of the world, including here in Cayman!

Bioluminescence becomes more visible when the water is disturbed. The light-producing organisms, such as plankton, emit light in response to physical agitation or movement in the water. When these organisms are disturbed, they release a burst of light as a defense mechanism or as a way to attract prey or mates.

Always be mindful of the environment and follow any guidelines provided by our tour operators to ensure a responsible experience with bioluminescence.

Cayman Kayaks one of the most popular bioluminescence tour operators on the island. Head out to North Side and meet at Rum Point before getting to your kayak. Your guide will then lead you to the bay where you can experience this natural phenomenon. Cayman Kayaks also offers and electric boat tour for younger ones, or those less confident in the water.

10% off
Cayman kayaks bio kayak night tour
Cayman Kayaks

Bioluminescence Kayak Night Tour

Recommended ages: 6+

1.5 hours
From US$67.5 $75 10% off
10% off
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Cayman Kayaks

Bioluminescent Electric Boat Tour

Recommended ages: 4+

1.5 hours
From US$67.5 $75 10% off

White Sand Water Sports will meet on the dock at Kaibo around sunset. You can then take a slow and leisurely cruise around the little sound, stopping at starfish point and the jellyfish cay for an eco-tour while the sky becomes dark. You'll then travel to the bay and witness Cayman's bioluminescence.

5% off
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White Sand Water Sports

Bioluminescence Boat Tours

Recommended for all ages

From US$65.55 $69 5% off

Cayman Islands Sailing Charters offer your visit to Bio Bay on a catamaran, meaning you get the benefit of being able to swim under the boat, consequently blocking out any light pollution and giving the best viewing conditions for the bioluminescence. The boat is equipped with snorkel equipment, a paddleboard, a washroom, satellite radio and a wash down hose.

Cayman Islands Sailing Charters

Bio Bay Tour

Recommended for all ages

3 hours
From US$500

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