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Health, Doctors and Medical Information

There are a broad range of sophisticated medical services available in the Cayman Islands, from large hospitals to small specialist clinics.

Grand Cayman has three fully equipped, modern hospitals: one is public and two are private. The largest hospital: the Cayman Islands Hospital locally referred to as the George Town Hospital (GT Hospital), manages nearly all major medical emergencies for the three Islands. The other two hospitals: Doctors Hospital (aka Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital) and Health City Cayman Islands offer a broad spectrum of emergency, specialist and diagnostic services. Cayman Brac has one hospital, Faith Hospital that also services Little Cayman, although patients with complex medical emergencies are transferred to the GT Hospital. Faith Hospital is a public hospital.

There are also many private General Practitioner (GP) clinics in Grand Cayman that are a good option if you have a non-acute medical condition that requires treatment and prescribed medication. There are also a number of private specialist clinics offering services in the fields of cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology and obstetrics, IVF and gynecology, (to name a few), if you need to see a medical specialist.Medical tourism is also a growing industry in the Cayman Islands and there are a few private clinics and hospitals that specialise in cosmetic surgery, non-invasive procedures using stem cell technology and specialised cardiology procedures.

Health Insurance & Medical Access

No visitor to the Cayman Islands will be denied medical care, but you will either need to have health insurance that covers you while overseas or be able to pay out of pocket for treatment.

More information on Medical Services in the Cayman Islands

Accidents, Emergency & Medical Air Evacuations

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. If medical intervention is necessary, you will be transferred directly to the GT Hospital by ambulance. If your condition is potentially life threatening and treatment is unavailable or not commonly performed on-island, you will be flown by air ambulance to a hospital in Florida or Jamaica (or your country of origin if medically feasible). Your level of health insurance coverage or ability to pay, will determine where you are sent.

Below are important emergency numbers to note:

Fire, police and ambulance: 911
Police headquarters: (345) 949 4222
Domestic Abuse hotline:(345) 943 2422


There are many dental specialists in the Cayman Islands. Whether you require emergency dental care, surgery or a cosmetic consultation, there are many dental specialists to choose from. Below are two dental clinics you may contact:

Dr. Stephen Blackledge
The Dental Centre
(345) 943 7000

Dr. Scott McFarlane
Seven Mile Beach Dental
(345) 943 7400

Doctors: General Practitioners & Paediatricians

If you have a non-acute medical condition such as the flu or badly infected bug bites, the best option is to book an appointment with one of the many private family doctors or general practitioners (GP).  Grand Cayman is well served by highly trained GPs. All speak English and most have been either trained in the United States or UK. If English is not your first language, there are a few GPs that are fluent in other languages such as Spanish, German, French and Mandarin. Below are two GPs you may contact:

Doctors Express
81 Godfrey Nixon Way
(345) 745 6000

Total Health
The Grand Pavilion, 802 West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach
(345) 333 2222

Many GP clinics also have paediatricians on staff and there are even a few clinics that specialise solely in paediatric medicine. The George Town Hospital and Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital also have paediatricians on staff. Below are two paediatricians you may contact:

Dr. Sara Watkin
Integra Healthcare
(345) 745 7450

Dr. Gordon Smith
The Children’s Clinic
(345) 949 2970

Pharmacies in Grand Cayman

There are many pharmacies located on Grand Cayman. Some medical clinics have small pharmacies in the same building, and all major supermarkets have pharmacies within the store or right next door. All pharmacies are open from Monday through Saturday, and a few are open on Sunday. Below is a  list of a few pharmacies in Grand Cayman:

Kirk Supermarket & Pharmacy, Eastern Ave, George Town (345) 949 7180
CI Hospital Pharmacy, 95 Hospital Road, George Town (345) 244 2715
Fosters Airport Pharmacy, George Town (345) 815 4051
Fosters Strand Pharmacy, Seven Mile Beach (345) 815 4061
Professional Pharmacy, CTMH Doctor’s Hospital, George Town (345) 946 2407
Valu-Med Pharmacy, Walkers Rd, George Town (345) 946 5511 (Open Sunday)

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Health & Wellness Providers

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Doctors Express

Healthcare and urgent care for the whole family. More Info

Health City Cayman Islands

A state-of-the-art tertiary care hospital committed to delivering world-class health care. More Info

Kirk Pharmacy

A full service pharmacy offering prescription and non-prescription drugs. More Info

Pensum Regenerative Medicine

Pensum Regenerative Medicine is a state-of-the-art stem cell clinic. More Info

Total Health

Total Health offers a comprehensive healthcare solution under one roof. More Info