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Health Services

Grand Cayman has three fully equipped hospitals, 26 healthcare practices with over 400 registered practitioners, almost 200 healthcare facilities (including pharmacies, laboratories, physician clinics and therapy clinics), and numerous private specialists. If you do fall sick while visiting you could not be in a better place with regards to quality of care and service, outside of mainland America. However, there is no free medical care in Cayman and so you should make sure you are covered by a travel insurance plan.

With the Island achieving technologically-enhanced excellence in a number of fields from cardiac surgery, to cancer treatment, hospice care, IVF, and orthopaedics, more individuals are making a choice to take up treatment in Cayman. With global experts on-hand alongside ocean views and warm breezes, it is no wonder medical tourism is on the rise.

Useful Phone Numbers:
Accident & Emergency 911
Cayman Islands Hospital (345) 949 8600
CTMH Doctors Hospital (345) 949 6066
Health City Cayman Islands (345) 640 4040
Faith Hospital, Cayman Brac (345) 948 2243

Be aware of the ‘bends’. Cayman does have a decompression chamber, but don’t plan to use it! Ear complications can result from diving with a cold or sinus infection, and may require a doctor’s attention. Lionfish are venomous so avoid them. Read our article on Dive Medicine in Cayman for more information.

Healthcare Professionals, Dentists and Pharmacies

Healthcare Providers

Details of professional and highly qualified medical professionals to help with everything from minor illnesses through to emergency situations.


Pharmacies in Grand Cayman are well-stocked, open very convenient hours and have informed, helpful pharmacists.