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December 18, 2018
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Fishing in Cayman

09 Jan, 2018
  • Fishing in Cayman-Fishing-Cayman Islands
    Fishing in Cayman

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Fishing is a year round sport in the Cayman Islands, with the choice of reef, deep sea and shore fishing.


Most visitors will book a fishing charter with one of Cayman's experienced boat operators and it's a wonderful experience. Tackle and bait will be provided and the crew will clean and filet your catch, so it can be enjoyed later that evening. With a plentiful supply of fish, experienced fishers and novices alike will return to shore happy with their catch!

Fishing Trips & Charters

For reef or deep sea fishing trips contact Captain Marvin's, Frank’s Water Sports and Oh Boy Charters. Charter Cayman offers reef fishing as part of their private charters. Cayman Luxury Charters, Crazy Crab and Five Star Charters offer private reef fishing.


Reef Fishing

Grand Cayman is surrounded by a reef that is home to an abundance of tropical fish. Reef fishing is a great activity for the whole family as even the youngest fishers are almost guaranteed success.


Expect to reel in yellowtail, snapper, blue runner, bar jack and barracuda. Catch and release is encouraged to avoid depletion of stocks, however, edible fish can be taken home. In season you will also have the opportunity to dive for conch and lobster.

Deep Sea Fishing

The joy of deep sea fishing in Cayman is that the drop off is only a quarter of a mile from shore where depths reach 800m. Not far after that, the Cayman Trench extends down to 20,000 feet where the sea is teeming with fish life.


Expect to catch wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi (dolphin fish), barracuda and blue marlin weighing over 20lbs. The heaviest fish ever caught in Cayman waters was a 250lb blue marlin! Wahoo season runs from November to March and tuna from March to June. Marlin and mahi mahi are plentiful throughout the year.


Fishing trips tend to leave early, around 7am, and some tour operators will serve lunch on board.

Shore Fishing

Anyone is allowed to fish from the shore but the practice of catch and release is encouraged.

Little Cayman

Little Cayman is particularly renowned for light tackle fishing. Tarpon weighing up to 20lb have been caught in the landlocked lake, unsurprisingly known as Tarpon Lake. The best time to take on these notorious fighters is sunrise and sunset. Bone fishing in the flats of the southern shore is very exciting and guides can take you on a full or half day trip. Bonefish caught in this area typically weigh 3-8lb, while permit weighing as much as 35lb school off the southeastern end of the island.


While visitors are welcome to enjoy the various fishing activities available in the Cayman Islands, they should be aware of certain restrictions, size limits and fishing seasons:


  • Spear fishing of any kind is prohibited to non-Caymanians and importing any kind of spearing device is illegal.
  • Visitors may engage in line fishing from shore or from a boat. While visitors may go fishing alone, it is advisable to take a guide to show you the best spots and ensure you do enter designated marine parks or other protected areas.
  • Lobster season is closed from March 1st to November 30th. In season, lobsters must be at least 6 inches tall and a maximum of 3 per person or 6 per boat is allowed.
  • Conch season is closed May 1st to October 30th. In season the limit is 5 per person or 10 per boat.
  • Nassau Grouper may not be caught at any time of year in the designated Grouper Spawning areas and only specimens 12 inches or larger may be removed from the sea.
  • Other species may only be removed form the sea if they are over 8 inches.
  • Catching turtles or taking turtle eggs is prohibited
  • Sharks may not be fed or attracted with food


 Visiting anglers will find plenty of options on all three islands from deep sea and sports fishing to reef fishing and light tackle fishing in the coastal flats. There are also a number of fishing tournaments held throughout the year. For details and dates visit www.fishcayman.com.

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