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December 15, 2017
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Cayman Kayaks

  • Cayman Kayaks-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
    Cayman Kayaks
  • Cayman Kayaks-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
    Cayman Kayaks
  • Cayman Kayaks-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
    Fun with Cayman Kayaks!
  • Cayman Kayaks-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
    Ready to get in the water!
  • Cayman Kayaks-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
    Sunset Cruise
  • Cayman Kayaks-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
    Tour the mangroves


  • Only tour operator to the bioluminescence using electric motors
  • Multiple stops on every tour
  • Disco shrimp
  • Star gazing opportunity
  • Ask about the mating glow worm
  • Mangrove kayak tours available
  • Interactive and peaceful
  • They avoid harming the bioluminescence with lotions, sprays and combustion engines
  • Pioneers of Bio Bay tours in Cayman since 2006
  • Transportation can be arranged
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Rum Point, North Side, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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Main : (345) 926 4467
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Cayman Kayaks is an ecology tour company offering bioluminescent tours by kayak and electric boat.
Now families of all ages and abilities can come and enjoy an enchanting experience of Cayman’s living lights.
Their Bioluminescent Tour is one of those “must do” activities that really ought to be on everyone’s vacation wish list.


Bioluminescence Night Tour


Chose from two enchanting ways to see this natural wonder!


Bioluminescent Kayak Tour (1½ hours)

Kayak for an easy ten minutes under a blanket of stars from Rum Point to bio bay. Kayaking is a great way to appreciate Cayman’s bio bay in a quiet and leisurely way. This adventure with Cayman Kayaks can only be described as magical, making memories that will last a lifetime!


KYD$39.20 for 6-12 year olds
KYD$47.20 for 13+ year olds

Bioluminescent Electric Boat (1½ hours)

With a max of only ten guests onboard their boat, ‘Moonless Moments’, a seven-minute relaxing ride to the bay is all it takes to arrive at your destination. Once anchored in the bay, floor hatches are removed to reveal a unique way to interact with the bioluminescence. The darkness is enhanced by the high walls built on this custom bio boat, creating the perfect pocket of darkness to view the stars above and the bioluminescence below. There are paddleboards on-board if guests dare to challenge themselves to a paddle in the dark. This is a great opportunity for families of all ages to accommodate all levels of adventure!


KYD$39.20 for 6-12 year olds
KYD$55.20 for 13+ year olds


Whichever you choose, both trips by Cayman Kayaks can only be described as magical, creating memories that will last a lifetime!


What is Bioluminescence?

On land, fireflies are a good example of what it’s like. Bioluminescence is defined as “Life Emitting Light.” It is a common occurrence in the sea. However, to find an area with high concentrations of it on a regular basis is rare and something not to be missed.


Tiny microorganisms called ‘Pyrodinium Bahamanse’ are responsible for this captivating display. When at rest, they appear to sparkle, but when disturbed they release more light to be seen. Come experience it for yourself.


The bioluminescence is only visible on the darkest nights of the month.

Tours & Times

Park in the Rum Point parking lot for free. Then walk to the far left of the Rum Point Club when facing the water. Look for kayak trailers parked on the roadside. Tours start at 7.15pm and 9.15pm in high season. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Tours last 1.5 hours.


Additional Information

250 lbs weight limit. Reservations required.


Sky Show
A laser point show of the night sky is given when conditions allow. In the winter months Orion’s Belt, Taurus and Polaris are a common sighting. In the early summer the Southern Cross comes out for a special treat. The Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Scorpio and The Milky Way can be seen throughout the summer months.


Night Transportation
Cayman Kayaks offers a shuttle from wherever you are staying to Rum Point and back at an additional cost. Rates are cheaper than taxis and you will be driven by a member of Cayman Kayaks’ staff. You could also rent a car to explore the East End and North Side before the tour.


Corporate Events and Children’s Parties 
Cayman Kayaks customize every event to meet the needs of the individual group. Whether you are planning a scout troop, a family reunion, birthday party or team outing, they will make your event memorable, educational and rewarding! Their expert staff will explain the basic kayaking techniques, ensuring all participants are comfortable and enjoy their kayak ride.

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