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Kayak Tours in Grand Cayman

Explore the coastline of Grand Cayman by kayak and discover the natural beauty and wildlife of the mangroves.

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Last updated 07 December, 2023

The mangroves are an important part of Cayman's eco-system. They are an ideal habitat for birds, fish and a host of different invertebrate species. Take the time to explore the mangrove system and you’ll spot Cayman parrots, iguanas, turtles, lobsters, many fish and maybe even a sea horse! You will also learn about the root system of the mangroves that protect Cayman from large waves and storm surges that can happen during hurricanes as well as the animals that make the tangled roots their home.

A great way to explore the coastline of the islands is by kayak. With no emissions and no noise, it is a very peaceful way to explore the shoreline – the tours are fun, educational and eco-friendly.

Cayman Kayaks offer informative, entertaining and comfortable tours of our unique system, with several tour options to choose from.

A paddle through Cayman’s marine park is a great way to start your vacation. Your guide will lead you through the mangrove wetlands. Find tiny sea anemones, colourful encrusted sponge, upside-down jellyfish, periwinkle snails and sea stars.

Cayman Kayaks

Mangrove Kayak Tour

Recommended for all ages

1.5-2 hours
From US$75

Other Kayak tours

10% off
Cayman kayaks bio kayak night tour
Cayman Kayaks

Bioluminescence Kayak Night Tour

Recommended ages: 6+

1.5 hours
From US$67.5 $75 10% off

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