Grocery shopping

Shopping in the Sister Islands Finding the essentials

Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are not a shopper's paradise, but you can find most grocery and household items.

When venturing to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, strategic planning for shopping becomes essential due to the Islands' limited options and potential price variations.

Prioritise stocking up more specialised food preferences or needs in Grand Cayman, before heading to the Sister Islands, where typical shopping, such as clothing, jewelry and 'duty free' is scarce, even non-existent. While basic hardware, homewares, and of course groceries, including frozen meats and produce, are available, it is advisable to anticipate the restricted range of options. If you have special dietary requirements, plan accordingly.

Grocery trolley

Cayman Brac

There's a benefit to there not being a multitude of shops in Cayman Brac. Whilst seemingly inconvenient, the Island retains its charm without sacrificing its tranquility and rural feel. That being said, there are limited options such as the Kirkconnell Supermarket, which in addition to being a well stocked grocery store, offers a fresh deli counter, off-site catering, hardware supplies and even small appliances for added convenience. There's also a Jacques Scott liquor store on-Island.

Find the basics and more. Wide selection of fresh produce and dry goods. There's a Digicel outlet, fresh deli counter, and you can even buy small appliances.

Conveniently, there is also a Jacques Scott outlet in Cayman Brac. There, you can find the usual array of beers, wines, spirits and mixers. Unlike the branches in Grand Cayman, it is not open on Sundays, so make sure to stock up if you're planning a gathering at the weekend.


Little Cayman

Little Cayman is a beautiful and peaceful haven for locals and visitors alike. To preserve this, there is very little commerce on the Island, so it is advisable to stock up on what you will need before departing Grand Cayman, particularly if you are not staying at one of the resorts. However, there are of course one or two places outside of those resorts where you can shop for groceries, basic home and garden supplies, wine, beer and spirits. Its important to note that they are at the mercy of the weather as to if they are fully stocked up or not.

A 'village' supermarket with everything you'll need to be self-sufficient for a self-catering stay in Little Cayman. However, if you have special dietary needs, its worth paying a trip to the supermarkets in Grand Cayman before making the short hop to the Sister Islands. The Village Supermarket has a liquor store next door.


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