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MV Captain Keith Tibbetts


The wreck of the Keith Tibbetts is a popular dive site in Cayman Brac. Sunk intentionally in 1996, this Russian destroyer serves as an artificial reef. Divers explore its intact structure, home to diverse marine life. With clear waters and easy accessibility, it attracts both recreational and advanced divers, offering a unique underwater experience. Local dive operators provide guided dives to this iconic site.

What to Expect

Extremely easy to dive with all skill levels. Deep or shallow. Penetrate or not. Rich history with the only Russian military vessel to be available to dive in the free world and purchased from Cuba.

Park M.
Tripadvisor reviewer

Big wreck, easy to get to, turtles, rays and eels can be found around this dive site. If you like wreck diving or are curious, this is a good one to explore.

Tripadvisor reviewer

Additional Information

The wreck offers divers the opportunity to explore a large and intact structure underwater. The ship is approximately 330 feet (100 meters) long, and the shallow depth allows for extended dive times. The top of the wreck is at a depth of about 20 feet and the bottom at a depth of about 80 feet, making it accessible to both recreational and advanced divers.

Since its sinking, sponges have gradually covered the wreck, providing a habitat for barracudas and groupers within its hull. The wreck endured the effects of numerous storms, but in 2004, hurricane Ivan severely damaged the mid-section, creating openings that allowed access to passageways and engine rooms. Subsequently, in 2017, a major storm removed the main section of the stern, resulting in a tangled structure. Despite the changes, the wreck retains its spectacle, featuring intact guns and a red star at the bow.


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