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Dive Medicine

The Cayman Islands has a well-regulated, world class diving industry that has a solid safety record. But accidents do happen from time to time. Most accidents occur when divers refuse to avoid basic safety rules and push the limits or when people with high risk medical conditions choose to dive. If you have a high risk medical condition that may be exacerbated by diving, talk to your family doctor before travelling.

A common medical condition that divers experience is the bends. The bends, also known as decompression sickness, occurs when nitrogen is dissolved in the blood and tissue by high pressure bubbles as pressure decreases. Symptoms may include fatigue and pain in the muscles or joints. Some common risk factors that contribute to the bends are certain heart defects, dehydration, flying after diving and fatigue. If you are experiencing any symptoms of the bends, seek medical attention right away. The Cayman Islands Hospital has a fully equipped decompression chamber and medical professionals that can assist.

Here are two numbers to call for medical assistance:

Cayman Islands Hospital
The Hyperbaric  Services
(345) 949 8600 Ext. 2579

Dr. Frank Glatz
Cayman E.N.T. Associates
Unit 2, Alexander Place, Dorcy Drive, GT
Tel: (345) 945 3822
Email: drbob@candw.ky

*If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911.