Surfing in Grand Cayman

Surfing in Grand Cayman with details on surf locations and where to rent and buy surfboards.

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Last updated 07 December, 2023
A Cayman surfer eyes the point breaks

Although the Cayman Islands are not widely recognised as a surfing destination, the occasional nor’westers that blow through during the winter months (December to March) can generate some bigger swells around the island’s coasts.

In the event a tropical storm does roll through, the usually calm waters off Seven Mile Beach can entertain some impressive surf! This is especially good for beginners as access to and from the sea is easy and there is a nice sandy bottom – suited for any inevitable wipe-outs! However, generally throughout the year surf in the area isn’t consistent and you may find yourself waiting around for the ‘perfect wave’.

From June to November, the best surf is found at Surfer’s Beach, which is adjacent to Consuelo's Beach (next to the South Sound Community Centre), and the area around the derelict Mariner's Cove site, (next to Cresting Wave condominiums) on Shamrock Road in Prospect. The old Lighthouse restaurant location has also appeared online as a recommendation for surfers.

On afternoons and weekends, Cayman’s surfing community can be found gathered at these locations, enjoying the larger swells. Beginners would be well advised to avoid these areas however, as the waters are more shallow than along Seven Mile Beach, and the coral and sea urchins on the rocky seabed can prove hazardous to less-skilled surfers. Surfboards can purchased from or rented from Waterman Surf Co.

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