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Top Tips for a Green Vacation in Grand Cayman

Say “no” to plastic bottles

Carry a reusable water bottle. You will find water stations at hotels and around Camana Bay. Cayman’s tap water is perfectly safe to drink and people are happy to refill your bottle.

Carry a reusable bag

These can be bought at all supermarkets or pack your shopping in a day pack and help prevent plastic bags ending up in the landfill site.

Refuse plastic straws

Refuse plastic straws at bars and restaurants or buy a metal straw locally.

Eat local

Shop for local produce at the supermarkets and farmers markets. Choose local produce on restaurant menus. Try to eat local fish such as lionfish, snapper and mahi, avoid the endangered local grouper.

Watch your power and water usage

Take short showers, keep air con use to a minimum, turn off lights when you don’t need them, ask for your towels not be changed daily and reuse beach towels.


Take your aluminium, cardboard and plastic (1 & 2) to recycling stations at local grocery stores or in Camana Bay.

Use public transport and bicycles

Buses are common around the Seven Mile Beach area and fares are very reasonable. Alternatively, rent a bike from Cycle Cayman.

Pick up litter

Pick up any litter you see around, or join one of the monthly local beach clean-ups. Visit www.facebook.com/plasticfreecayman for details.

Use reef-safe sunscreen

Chemicals in many sunscreens stunt coral growth, cause coral bleaching and kill marine life such as shrimp and clams. Use rash guards or purchase reef-friendly sunscreens available from Waterman and Kirk Market.

Drink local!

Discover interesting beers and spirits produced in Cayman. The Cayman Islands Brewery offers eight regular beers locally and three seasonal beers that can be found in most bars and liquor stores, 19-81 Brewing Co. produces three craft beers and Cayman Spirits produces two great rums and a vodka. Enjoy!

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