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Guided Mangrove Kayak and Snorkel Tours

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    Mangrove Kayak Tour Adults: KYD$40, Children 2-10yrs: KYD$32

    Mangrove Snorkel Tour Adults: KYD$32, Children 2-10yrs: KYD$24.

    Children under two, free.

Cayman Islands Yacht Club
Dock C4
Yacht Dr. (off West Bay Rd), Cayman Islands
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Age Recommended ages: 10+
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  • Time Call or email for times
  • Duration 1.5-2 hours
  • Pick-Up Courtesy pick up available from all 7MB hotels and condos Free pick-up
  • Additional Information Wetsuit included
    Reservations required
  • Payment Terms Cash, Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX


Mangrove Kayak Tour
Paddle into the mangrove forest and see the beauty under the mangrove canopy. Glide silently through this ecosystem and discover starfish, baby barracuda, tarpon and native birds.

Mangrove Snorkel Tour
Perfect for the whole family. Something new for scuba divers and underwater photographers. Discover the unique ecosystem of the mangroves. Wetsuits provided.



  • Bio Bay Boat Swim tours
  • Fun for all ages
  • Free transport from Seven Mile Beach area
  • Mangrove kayak tours
  • All tours leave from the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, dock C4
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  • Would recommend all tours by this Company

    November 18, 2014 | Guided Mangrove Kayak and Snorkel Tours (Sea Elements )

    Absolutely amazing tour!! The people where so friendly and really took care of us. We went on the kayak trip and the bioluminescent tour, with Mike and his daughter Cari. They where great tours and really cared about their environment. They where absolutely fabulous with our children and could keep a great conversation and a lively boat on the way then and quiet and calm on the way back.I would recommend this tour to everyone in the Cayman Islands. The kayak tour was great for people of all ages and the Bio Bay might not be ideal swimming for Young ones; they can if they like - perfectly safe but they bring up a bucket so the people who don't want to get in can still see it. We saw another company who kayaked the bio bay we came by boat; and it really did not look as enjoyable. They couldn't swim in it and where just kayaking and did not look like much fun. I extremely recommend all these tours and my family cannot wait to go back so we can do it again!

    Posted by (Sara Bertram) from Boulder, United States
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