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Mention “EXPLORE” and receive a free gift with any purchase

Unit B2
Cayside Galleries
George Town Waterfront
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  • End Date December 31, 2023

Mention EXPLORE and receive a free gift at the Jewellery Palace.

At the Jewellery Palace they are dedicated to providing the finest quality jewellery at a great price. They aim to provide the best customer service with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction to make your visit a memorable shopping experience.

In-house Manufacturing:
Their vision is to provide uniquely designed luxury jewellery at an affordable price. They manufacture jewellery in all types of precious metals — 10k, 14k, 18k and sterling silver with precious and semi-precious stones. They are committed to ensuring all their jewellery is legitimate and conflict-free.

Custom Designed Jewellery:
You can turn your inspiration into a one-of-a-kind piece of custom jewellery. They  design and craft premium quality jewellery, to the customer’s specification. The jewellery can then be shipped worldwide at duty free prices.

The Jewellery Palace truly care and are known for their service, uniqueness, exotic jewellery collection and worldwide guarantee on their prices. Their mission to provide a customer-centred experience is clear, with a superior level of choice, alongside the expertise of professional craftspeople and excellent aftercare services.