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Tips and Tricks for Batabano 2021

Batabano is the Island’s weekend-long national carnival which occurs annually in an explosion of colour and culture! Whether you’re jumping in or watching the parade with friends and family from the side-lines, a day spent dancing under the sun can be wearing on even the most experienced masquerader! Explore Cayman has put together a list of important things to remember to guarantee a fun-filled Batabano weekend for the whole family.

Get there early

As a large portion of the island is making its way towards central George Town and West Bay road to watch the Batabano parade, there will be lots of traffic! We recommend getting there at least an hour before the parade starts to guarantee a parking space nearby and a decent spot to watch the festivities from. 

Sun Protection

Sun protection is a must! The parade begins just after midday and runs into the early afternoon, meaning the sun is at its strongest and you’re most vulnerable to burning. Whether you’re participating in the parade or watching from the side-lines, remember to lather up! You don’t want a sunburn ruining the weekend.

Stay Hydrated

Standing or dancing for hours under a hot sun is a recipe for dehydration. Be sure to bring a water bottle to sip from throughout the day. We recommend an aluminium bottle so your drink stays cool and refreshing all day!

Don’t forget to EAT!

Eat something filling and nutritious the morning of the parade – whether jumping or watching, you’ll want to have plenty of energy for a day spent under the sun. It might be a good idea to bring some energy bars to snack on throughout the day.

Dress Comfortably

The parade weaves down West Bay road and through the centre of town – that’s a lot of ground to cover! Whether you’re watching or participating, you’ll be on your feet for at least a few hours and comfortable shoes will keep your focus on the festivities. Trainers are usually the safest bet.

BONUS: Don’t forget the camera!

Between the beautifully decorated costumes, the energy of the crowd and the smiling faces of your friends and family– you’ll want to capture it all! Bring your camera and create some lasting me

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