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The Illusion, Cayman Drama Society

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    • Adults
    • Children 12 and under
Date: Thursday 20 Feb, 2020
Time: Doors open 6.30pm, show stars 7.30pm

Prospect Playhouse, Shamrock Road, George Town

  • Additional Information

    This show is rated PG due to mild violence and moderate adult themes.

The opening production of the 50th year of the Cayman Drama Society extends its reach into France in the 1600’s.

THE ILLUSION is a play about a father whose son ran away years ago because of the father’s attitude. Now aged, he wishes for reconciliation. Unable to find his son, he hires a magician who, he is told, can reconnect him with his son. Three illusions are presented by the magician, each with a twist, leaving the father confused. The play ends with a final twist and an unanswered question – who is the puppet, and who is the puppeteer?

Tony Kushner (Angels in America) wrote THE ILLUSION based on “L’Illusion Comique” by Pierre Corneille, a 17th century French playwright. With a light, witty, and comedic touch we are taken through the illusions in this freely adapted version of "L'Illusion Comique" by Kushner. Lovers of the art of theatre will find a home as shades of comedy, drama, poetry, Shakespearean prose and mystery entangle themselves within the plot.

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