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Horseback Riding on the Beach

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    • Group Shore Ride (cash)
    • Group Shore & Water Ride Combo (cash)
    • Private Rides (cash)
Capt. Reginald Parsons Dr. Mount Pleasant
West Bay, Cayman Islands
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Age Recommended ages: 10+
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  • Time 9am & 3pm
  • Pick-Up Free courtesy bus Free pick-up
  • Payment Terms Visa, MC and cash payments by arrangement. There is a 4% surcharge for credit card payments


Horseback riding makes for a sensational island experience in Cayman. Besides scenic horseback rides along the beach, Coral Stone Stables offer you a chance to swim with the horses! A great way to see the other side of the Island, perfect for romantic moonlight rides, parties and weddings on their beautiful, calm horses.

Group Shore Ride (1 hour 15 mins)
US$100 cash. 4% surcharge for credit card payments.
A scenic trek along the shoreline of a quiet beach.

Group Shore & Water Ride Combo (2 hours)
US$150 cash. 4% surcharge for credit card payments.
An amazing combination of the Shore Ride and swimming in the warm, crystal sea.

Private Rides
Shore Ride (2 hours) US$200 cash.
Shore & Water Ride Combo (1 hour 15 mins)US$150 cash.

Special Offer
Horse riding discount for groups of 6 or more


  • Shore rides
  • Private Rides
  • Courtesy shuttle available
  • Shore and water rides
  • Friendly, well-trained horses
  • All levels welcome, riding experience not necessary.
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  • Book now: You won't regret it

    April 07, 2018 | Horseback Riding on the Beach (Coral Stone Stables )

    Highly recommend! I have ridden in the Caribbean before but never close to the positive experience with Coral Stone Stables. A perfect 10! The horses are healthy, well trained, and clean. The service: courteous and friendly, with on-time pick up, took time to train riders, perfectly coordinated with two guides on a relaxing ride to the beach with beautiful views. Princeton, the dog, was an added bonus!! Walks with the crew, makes sure everyone is ok, cools off in the water and rolls in the sand.

    Posted by (Debbie) from South Plainfield, United States
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  • Disappointed

    January 21, 2022 | Horseback Riding on the Beach (Coral Stone Stables )

    Disappointed- Using GPS which marked a different location, we almost went past the faded sign on the street. Arriving at the stable, you feel like you're at a commercial truck parking lot. The horses were saddled and ready for us. They appeared well cared for and when riding, well trained. Money was not collected until arrival at 3:40 for the 4:00 ride. Our group of 6 had 2 guides. The one male said nothing unless asked. The other, a female, did no more than assure us of our safety. The owner, Roland, only spoken to on the phone, was very knowledgeable and informative. He suggested I call again the morning of the ride to assure it would be a good day regarding weather so we may do both the beach and swim ride. The day of the ride included a demonstration for non-experienced riders of which we had one. We were then given our horses and we mounted on steps provided both at the stable and at the beachfront site for when saddles are removed for the water swim. There's about a 20 minute street ride to get into Barker's National Park where we rode along the shore for another 20 or so minutes. We stopped to have pictures taken of us on our horses in the water, then on shore, remove saddles for the swim ride- but were told the water was rough. 3 of us, including me, chose to take our much anticipated swim ride. The horses entered the water easily, but would not go deep enough to swim. The male guide stated that the horses were frightened of the current and the few kite surfers nearby. Sadly, what I was most looking forward to never occurred in spite of my checking earlier in the day with the owner. I realize weather changes, but none of us we were offered a refund for the portion of the ride which includes SWIMMING with the horses.

    Posted by (Beth) from Auburn, United States
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