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December 17, 2017
Cayman Islands Dollar
About Cayman
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Welcome to the Cayman Islands

01 Mar, 2017
  • Welcome to the Cayman Islands-About Cayman-Cayman Islands
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  • Welcome to the Cayman Islands-About Cayman-Cayman Islands
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The Cayman Islands are located in the western Caribbean, just over an hour’s flying time from Miami. Composed of three islands, Grand Cayman is by far the largest and best known.


The Cayman Islands won second place in the 2015 TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards in the Top 10 Caribbean Islands category, which is based on millions of real and unbiased reviews and opinions from world travellers.


The Cayman Islands are famed above all for their excellent diving and beautiful beaches, although the financial services industry is one of the mainstays of the economy, alongside tourism. With a population of 60,413 the islands ranked 22 in the top 25 destinations in the world – alongside major cities such as Sydney, Paris, and London. With the highest standard of living in the Caribbean, the tourism industry is geared toward the luxury market. Seven Mile Beach won the Caribbean’s Best Beach, and offered Best Snorkelling and Diving.

2016 saw the Cayman Islands continue to attract a great deal of recognition: The Islands appeared in the top two for the following readers’ choice awards by Scuba Diving Magazine; Best Wall Dives (#2), Best Dive Sites (#2), Best Wreck Diving (#2), Best Beaches (#1), Best Dive Operators (#2) and Best Dive Resort (Sunset House #1)! It was also voted number two in the Best Overall Diving in the Caribbean/Atlantic region. Websites like idivecayman.com are elevating the dive scene also, with idive providing stunning HD footage of dive sites all over Grand Cayman.


For more information on Cayman's developments check out the Cayman Resident's articles on the Tourism Overview and Looking ahead to 2017.

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