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December 12, 2018
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Things to do in Grand Cayman

11 Jan, 2018
  • Things to do in Grand Cayman-About Cayman-Cayman Islands
    Kiss a Stingray!
  • Things to do in Grand Cayman-About Cayman-Cayman Islands
    Seven Mile Sunset

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Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands has a wealth of things to do to suit all tastes. From water sports, cultural activities, wonderful food and drink options and of course stunning Seven Mile Beach to explore, you will be spoilt for choice. Read on for our recommendations on the best things to do in Grand Cayman.


Cayman’s Waters
With some of the world’s best underwater visibility, healthiest reefs and incredible wall dives, getting to experience the underwater world in Cayman is a must. Obvious options include diving, snorkelling or Snuba tours. For those who don’t want to get wet, book a submarine tour or explore the depths with an underwater robot. Alternatively, take a kayak tour and explore the mangroves or experience the incredible bioluminescence in Bio Bay, which can only be experienced in ten other locations in the world!


Cultural Attractions
Cayman’s heritage and culture can be viewed first hand by visiting Pedro St. James. Originally built in 1780, this recently renovated historical site sits on seven acres in Savannah and boasts fabulous views and a multimedia visitor centre. Other key heritage treasures are the Mission House in Bodden Town, the National Museum in George Town and The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands which is home to the national art collection and hosts up to eight exhibitions a year. Alternatively, if you are pushed for time, you can visit the Turtle Farm in West Bay. This great family experience combines nature and heritage in one attraction.


The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, is the number one place to visit if you want to experience some of Cayman’s indigenous plants and animals, including orchids and the endangered Blue Iguana. Allow at least a half day to explore the various trails, gardens and visitors centre. The more adventurous should hike the Mastic Trail (3-4 hours) and see some incredible wildlife. Both attractions are located in North Side. The National trust also hosts tours and monthly activities from Caymanian cooking to mangrove tours.


Seven Mile Beach
One of the most recognised beaches in the Caribbean attracts visitors from all over the world. The shimmering turquoise water is crystal clear and the sand is white and powdery. Just kick back on a sun lounger or sit in the sand and let the warm water gently lap around your toes. Alternatively, the more adventurous can grab some snorkel gear and admire the fish or enjoy the many water sports on offer. Meanwhile the kids will love to build sand castles, bury Dad, or frolic in the warm water! Hours of entertainment!


Stingray City and Sandbar
Possibly Cayman’s most famous attraction. You can interact with Cayman’s friendly stingrays by snorkelling or walking in waist high water, diving or just watching the fun from a boat. For years fishermen used to clean their catch just inside the reef in calm waters and the friendly stingrays enjoyed the scraps. Ever since, they have continued to entertain tourists ever hopeful for a little squid as a reward. To visit this world famous attraction, charter your private boat or take a tour.


One of the many benefits of Cayman is its duty free shopping. Many luxury goods such as jewellery, watches, leather goods and cameras are both duty-free and free of sales tax. For the biggest selection head to downtown George Town and Camana Bay. Locally produced goods, from chocolates to hot sauce, make great gifts to take home and of course there is a wide range of island-style clothing and swimwear available so you can look chic on the beach or cut a dash in the evening! You will also find a host of local artisans selling original art, ceramics, jewellery and more at the weekly farmers & Artisans market in Camana Bay every Wednesday 12pm-7pm.


Cayman is known as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” so if you are a foodie you will be spoiled for choices. The restaurant scene in Grand Cayman is very well developed, putting some restaurants in other capital cities to shame. Cuisines range from French to Caribbean, from Asian to Italian, from American to Indian. Sample some jerk chicken or indulge in a six course tasting menu. Snack in a beach shack or dine in a gourmet restaurant. Enjoy locally brewed beer or choose a fine wine—Cayman has it all!


Sister Islands
If you are looking for peace and tranquillity head to the Sister Islands. Made up of two islands, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, both have their own identities. Cayman Brac is rugged and renowned for its rock climbing, bird watching, diving, fishing and parrot reserve. With a population of only about 150 residents, Little Cayman really does offer the ability to get away from it all. Here, days all blend into each other and before you know it, it’s time to go home and plan your return trip.



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