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December 12, 2018
Cayman Islands Dollar
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Cayman Islands Weddings

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    A magical setting for a wedding
  • Cayman Islands Weddings-Weddings-Cayman Islands
    Cayman wedding planners can organise dream weddings
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    Picturesque weddings
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    Simple beach setting

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Destination Weddings in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is one of the most romantic places in the world to get married and it’s not hard to see why, with its pristine beaches, turquoise sparkling waters and gorgeous Caribbean weather (and you already have the perfect backdrop for a dreamy honeymoon!). Brides Magazine chose Cayman as the 15th best honeymoon destination worldwide and Seven Mile Beach was praised as one of the top 25 in the world. This year, TripAdvisor members awarded the Cayman Islands number one destination in the Caribbean and Mexico.


For venue information see the Wedding Venues in Cayman page. 


Wedding Celebrants & Planners
If you do not live in Cayman then coordinating your dream wedding from overseas is a breeze with the assistance of one of our local wedding planners.


Parfait Weddings & Events is a contemporary wedding and event planning company based in the Cayman Islands. Their service is personalised and they will work with you to create the wedding day you have always envisioned. Tel: (345) 916 7526, email: planner@parfaitcayman.com or visit www.parfaitcayman.com.


Celebrations boast 20 years of experience in wedding planning. From a simple wedding on a secluded private beach to the most elaborate wedding weekend, Celebrations’ passionate planners bring your day to life. Tel: (345) 623 2044, visit www.celebrationsltd.com or email: weddings@celebrationsltd.com.


Simply Weddings orchestrates every detail for residents, visitors or cruise ship weddings. They also plan romantic wedding vow renewals. Simple, elegant and personalised attention to detail is their motto, providing brides-to-be with peace of mind and impeccable planning. Tel: (345) 949 9933, email: mywedding@candw.ky or visit www.cayman-island-weddings.com.


Wedding Photographers
Meeting the right photographer should feel as powerful as finding the perfect wedding dress. No keepsake from your wedding day will be as treasured as your photographs. You'll refer to them time and time again as the years go by, to recall everything from the most significant moments, the kiss, the first dance—to the smaller details (how the delicious cake looked), and you'll rely on them long into the future to bring the event to life for your children and grandchildren. So naturally, it is important when planning your wedding, to choose a photographer who will capture your special day in the style which best compliments your personality.


Some photographers specialise in a formal portraiture style, while others will shoot in a more candid photojournalistic style. While photographers may be visual artists, the most successful collaborations between brides and their personal paparazzi actually depend immensely on verbal understanding.


Photographers’ portfolios worth looking into include:


Cathy Church Photo Centre (Tel: (345) 949 7415 or (888) 690 7072) also provides wedding photography and videography services, highlighting the artistic talents of Tony Mark. He has been a photographer and filmmaker for 20 years, and was formally trained at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and won an Emmy in film editing and several awards in both filmmaking and photography www.caymanphotographers.com.


Picture This Photography (Tel: (345) 943 3686) creates heart-tugging realistic images with an array of photography artists to choose from for your wedding day. Samples of their portfolio can be viewed at www.picturethis.ky with links to each photographer’s gallery.


Other notable island photographers are Creations Unlimited, David Wolfe and Courtney Platt.


Wedding Flowers
There are fabulous island floral ideas to select from when designing your wedding bouquets and arrangements. Floral company, Celebrations (Tel: (345) 949 2044, www.celebrationsltd.com), can create beautiful designs for your Caribbean wedding. Others to try are Every Bloomin’ Thing (Tel: (345) 945 1701, www.ebt.com.ky) or Trisha’s Roses (Tel: (345) 949 2423, www.trishasroses.com) as they both cater to specialty floral designs for wedding events large or small. Orchids and hibiscus are a popular floral choice, given the resilience to the tropical heat and climate. When planning your event, it is best to remember that most floral species will have to be flown in for the event, which can become quite costly.

Wedding Cakes & Catering
The hotels and resorts on-Island such as The Ritz-Carlton, The Westin and the Marriott all offer special in-house catering for wedding events. Mise en Place (Tel: (345) 943 2433, www.catering.ky) will provide meticulous wedding catering, cakes and desserts and The Brasserie Market (Tel: (345) 945 1814, brasseriecayman.com) specialises in local organic gourmet catering. The Cake Studio (Tel: (345) 926 4944, www.thecakestudiocayman.com) is a specialised studio for wedding cake designs, flavours and edible creations. They bake unique orders for wedding, showers, birthdays and customised cakes with the use of traditional recipes, personalisation and scanned images. Cake prices range from CI$30-CI$4,000.

Wedding Stationery & Invitations
When the time arrives to make ‘the big announcement’ and send save-the-date cards and invitations, Studio Two Sixteen (Tel: (345) 938 8363,www.studiotwosixteen.com) creates the most artful designs. Unique announcement cards, invitations, envelope designs, social cards, thank you notes and even party favours are all artfully created to suit your style with detailed dye-cutting, foil stamping and custom premium card stock.

Wedding Music
One of many ways to express your personal style on your wedding day is your choice of entertainment and music during the ceremony and celebrations.


Cayman Music School specialises in beautiful music for weddings and memorable occasions. Small instrumental ensembles, solo singers and musicians can be arranged for your entertainment needs. Classical and jazz are popular musical styles for weddings. For more information, call (345) 938 3838, email: info@caymanmusicschool.com or visit www.caymanmusicschool.com.


Wedding Hair & Make-up

This can be a nerve-racking decision especially if you are coming to the island as a visitor and won’t have your usual trusted hairdresser on hand. Luckily Grand Cayman has many professional and internationally trained hairdressers and make-up artists and most will be willing to discuss any questions beforehand as well as receive any visuals in advance. You can find a comprehensive list of the Cayman's hair and beauty salons here.

Cayman Airways (Tel: (345) 949 2311 or (800) 422 9626) offers discounts to groups of 10 or more, which is beneficial when booking flights for wedding guests. Contact Cayman Airways for details and other booking incentives: www.caymanairways.com.

You may want to arrange airport transfers for your guests. All of the options below offer a great service. See our Transportation section for more information on car rentals and getting around Cayman

Island Air
Tel: (345) 949 5252
Pick your guests up in style with an exclusive VIP meet and greet service.  They offer complete aviation services for private and chartered aircraft travelling to and from the Cayman Islands. The service includes full assistance with customs and immigration, luggage handling and chauffeured transportation to or from your accommodation.

Grand Limousine Services
Tel: (345) 943 5466
Offers airport transfers and are available for all special events.

Tel: (345) 949 0944
Offers a full airport arrival and departure service for individuals and groups, plus bus tours.



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Fun Facts
  • 'He hath founded it upon the seas'
    For more than 100 years, shipbuilding was a major source of income in Cayman and between 1900 -1950 more than 280 vessels were built on all three of our islands.
  • Cayman is a top 'winter' vacation!
    The New York Times knows what we already know – that Cayman is one of the top winter destinations in the world! We made it into the Times 10 Winter Getaways to Suit Every Age, January 2012.
  • Cayman Islands on the map
    The Cayman Islands are part of the Cayman Ridge, situated 150 miles south of Cuba and 180 miles west of Jamaica, in the central Caribbean.
  • Cayman Islands voted "Friendliest Destination"
    Three cheers for Cayman hospitality! With more than 150,000 votes cast, the Cayman Islands won "Friendliest Destination" in Caribbean Travel + Life Magazine's annual Best of the Caribbean issue.
  • Did you know ...?
    There are more than 449 banks and 115 trust companies licensed in the Cayman Islands!
  • Dive Cayman's newest wreck!
    The former submarine rescue ship, Ex-USS Kittiwake, was successfully laid to rest after 54 years of service off Seven Mile Beach on 3 January 2011. Marvel at the spectacle of Cayman's 'newest' wreck!
  • How long is Seven Mile Beach?
    No, its not seven miles. Despite its name, Seven Mile Beach is actually 5.5 miles long. The island itself is only 22 miles long!
  • Our National Symbols
    A poll was held in 1996 and as a result, the Cayman parrot was voted national bird of Cayman, wild banana orchid as the national flower and the silver thatch palm as official national tree.
  • Short History of Stingray City
    Locals say stingrays began gathering in the area decades ago when fishermen cleaned their fish in the shallows. Stingrays would come to feast on discarded fish guts. Now they are hand-fed by visitors!
  • Stock up on supplies!
    Remember to make a supermarket your first stop in Cayman if you arrive on a Saturday as all shops are closed on Sundays.
  • Support our Boobies!
    Also known as "Boobies", the Booby Bird can be found in Cayman and were given their name from the Spanish slang term 'bobo', meaning 'dunce'.
  • To tip or not to tip?
    Virtually every restaurant in the Cayman Islands adds a 10% to 15% service charge in lieu of tipping, so check your bill! Tips are always welcome in the absence of a charge or for 'cash' services.
  • Travel with spare change
    Usual bus fare is CI$2 per journey or CI$3 if you take a long trip like George Town to East End or North Side. Listen for the driver beeping to check if you need a ride!
  • What does 'Cayman' mean?
    It means 'crocodile' - Sir Francis Drake arrived in 1586 and noted a sea serpent 12 feet long which was known as a 'caiman' by natives. It was actually an alligator but the name stuck to the islands!