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December 13, 2017
Cayman Islands Dollar
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Getting Around in Cayman

06 Dec, 2017
  • Getting Around in Cayman-Car Rental-Cayman Islands
    Getting Around Cayman
  • Getting Around in Cayman-Car Rental-Cayman Islands
    Getting Around Cayman
  • Getting Around in Cayman-Car Rental-Cayman Islands
    Getting Around Cayman

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By far the easiest way to get around Grand Cayman is by car. The roads are in good condition and navigating your way around the islands is straightforward.

There are plenty of car rental agencies in the vicinity of the airport as well as in the Seven Mile Beach Area. Visitors must obtain a Visitors Permit in order to drive in the Cayman Islands. You will need to present your domestic license and passport at the car rental office and the permit is valid for 6 months and costs ( KYD$16). Visitors driving private vehicles will need to go to the Vehicle Licensing Department at 990 Crewe Road, (345) 945 8344 to obtain their visitors permit.

Car rental prices start at around KYD$40 per day.


Driving in Cayman
Driving in Cayman is on the LEFT – don’t be confused by the fact that many of the cars on the roads are left hand drive. Bear in mind the following rules of the road:

  • You may turn left at a red light, after a full stop
  • The central lane is for navigating across traffic, NOT for overtaking
  • Give way to your right on roundabouts
  • Four-way stops operate on the basis that whoever arrives first, proceeds first
  • The minimum age for driving is 17
  • It is illegal to use cell phones to talk or text while driving
  • Breaking the speed limit will result in a fine.


All visitors must either obtain a Visitor’s Permit for ( KYD$16). or have a valid international driver’s licence to drive in Cayman. If you are renting a car then the car rental agency will provide it. If you will be driving a privately owned car then you must visit the Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing Department at 990 Crewe Road (345) 945 8344, take your passport and domestic driving licence along and obtain a Visitor’s Permit which is valid for the duration of your stay. If you drive without this you will be driving illegally.


You will find excellent maps in Explore Cayman magazine, as well as Good Taste and The Resident magazines. All three magazines are complementary and can be found at the airport, as well as in supermarkets and most plazas in the Seven Mile Beach area. 


Car rentals

Rental prices start at about CI$40 per day not including insurance, less in the Sister Islands.


Grand Cayman:

Alamo Rent A Car (345) 945 7368

Avis Cico (345) 949 2468

Economy & Discount Cars (345) 949 9550



• B&S Motor Ventures (345) 948 1646

• CB Rental Cars (345) 948 2424

• Four D’s (345) 948 1599.


Little Cayman:

• McLaughlin Rental



The flat terrain and good condition of the roads makes getting around by bike easy, although it does get hot. There are free bicycles for use in Camana Bay. See the security guard by the Mail Boxes Etc. storefront in Camana Bay to sign one out for use on their bike trails. In Little Cayman in particular many resorts have complimentary bicycles for their guests to use. It is always wise to lock up your bicycle properly, whether just stopping off for a snack, shopping or at the beach.


Scooters and mopeds can be rented on Grand Cayman and Little Cayman, but at this time there are no motor bikes available for rent on Cayman Brac. If driving a scooter you must wear a helmet. Remember the rules to the road and be extra cautious when changing lanes. It is best to use hand signals in addition to your indicator lights when changing lanes—especially in a rotary. 

Little Cayman is the perfect place to rent scooters because there is no traffic, the roads are straight, and the speed limit is just 25 mph. You can rent scooters from Scooten! Scooters! Contact Bruce and Brenda Miller (the owners) on Tel: (345) 916 4971 or www.scootenscooters.com to book a scooter either for a day or your whole stay. They rent quality Yamaha C3 50cc scooters for KYD$27 for a ½ day or KYD$38 for a full day ( KYD$10 extra for a double ride) which includes a free tank of gas, free souvenir photo and free delivery and pick up anywhere on the Island. You have to be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license.

Taxis are available throughout the Islands. Cayman taxis are not metered and Fares are set by the Government with the initial fare based on 1–3 passengers. For each additional passenger over three, one third of the fare is added. Between the hours of midnight and 6am, 25% of the fare is added. In very bad weather when there is lots of flooding many taxis add 25%. The minimum fare, for any journey under 2.2km, is CI$8. However, we recommend that you confirm the fare before you get into the taxi and discuss additional charges for multiple drop–offs, extra passengers, extra bags, etc.


Sample fares for up to three passengers are:

Airport – Central George Town CI$12

Airport – Marriott Hotel & Resort CI$15

Airport – Bodden Town CI$35

Airport - East End CI$69


Taxi companies

• Ace Taxi: Tel: (345) 943 7777

• Charlie’s Taxi: Tel: (345) 949 4748

• Holiday Taxi: Tel: (345) 947 1066


HomeSafe ((345) 326 7233) can drive your car anywhere you want to go. They will come to meet you, put their scooter in the back of your car and drive you home safely. They’re a great alternative to taxis with very reasonable prices.



• D&M Taxi Services (345) 916 7226

• Maple Taxi Services (345) 939 667.


A public bus service connects all districts of the island on Grand Cayman. The central depot is located in George Town. Buses (mini-vans) can be identified by the number in a coloured circle on the front of the vehicle. There are some bus stops along major routes, but you can flag down a passing bus at any point. When you want to get off, just let your driver know! Fares are CI$2 or CI$3.50 if you take a long trip like George Town to East.


If you are going to the end of the line, check with the bus driver that there will be a bus coming to pick you up, especially if you’ll be travelling back late in the afternoon. 

Public Bus Operating Hours & Frequency
Approximate bus running times:

Monday–Thursday 6am–11pm Friday and Saturday 6am–1am. A limited service operates on Sundays


Approximate bus frequencies:

• SMB and West Bay leave every 10mins

• Bodden Town every 10–15mins

• East End and North Side every 15–20mins


For a small additional fee, CI$1–$3, it is possible to ask the driver to deviate a little from the bus

route and then they can arrange for you to be picked up on the return journey by another bus driver although you might have to wait a bit!

Bus Routes:

1 (yellow) George Town (GT) to West Bay (WB) via Shedden Rd, Eastern Ave, Seven Mile Beach, NW Point, Turtle Farm, Hell, Birch Tree Hill, Conch Point and Mount Pleasant.


2 (green) George Town to West Bay via North Church Street, Seven Mile Beach, Watercourse Rd, Boatswain Bay, Hell, Birch Tree Hill, Conch Point and Mount Pleasant.


3 (blue) George Town to Bodden Town via Red Bay, Spotts, Savannah and Lower Valley.


4 (purple) George Town to East End via Red Bay, Spotts, Savannah, Bodden Town, Breakers, High Rock and Gun Bay.


5 (red) George Town to North Side via Red Bay, Spotts, Savannah, Bodden Town, East End, Gun Bay, and Old Man Bay, returning via Frank Sound Road.


6 (dark green) George Town to West Bay via The Government Building, onto the highway and past Camana Bay


7 (dark green) George Town to South Sound. This route is very unreliable


8 George Town to Hutland via Red Bay, Spotts, Savannah, Bodden Town, Frank Sound, Old Man Bay and North Side.


9 (navy blue) George Town –Frank Sound – North Side via Frank Sound Road to Old Man Bay, Gun Bay, East End, Bodden Town, Savannah, Spotts, Red Bay.


For more information on Public Transport in Cayman please call the Public Transport Unit on +1 (345) 946-1323 or email them at cayman.transport@gov.ky

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