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October 23, 2018
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Exploring the Underwater World for Non-Divers

11 Jan, 2018
  • Exploring the Underwater World for Non-Divers-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
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While the aquamarine waters surrounding these islands are a huge draw for visitors, the scenery below the surface is equally appealing to divers and snorkelers. However, any visitor to the islands, whether they are divers or not, should take at least one tour or trip that will allow them to see what all the fuss is about. There are various options, both for those who would like to experience the sensation of breathing underwater, as well as for those who do not swim and would rather stay dry.


View the ocean depths without ever getting wet. Atlantis Submarines brings the captivating world of underwater exploration to everyone age 4 and up aboard their state of the art, air conditioned submarine, which can dive down as deep as 100 feet.


Regular trips leave from George Town Harbour. Night trips, lit by 20,000 watt lights, are also available.


Seaworld Observatory
For those who do not like the idea of going below the surface the Seaworld Observatory is a specially designed boat which allows guests to sit up to 5 feet below the surface in a glass viewing chamber. The tour visits two shipwrecks and shallow reefs where the crew puts on a fish feeding show.


Glass Bottom Boat
Red Sail Sports operate a glass bottom boat tour, which departs several times daily from the dock at Rum Point. The tour stops first at Stingray City where guests can snorkel or opt to view the rays from the boat. Additional reef snorkel stops are made before returning to Rum Point. Trips last 1½ hours.


Breathe underwater at depths of 5-20 feet, with air supplied from a raft on the surface. Participants must be aged 8 or over and be able to swim. A great way to experience the sensation of scuba diving without the need for heavy equipment or any kind of certification.


Helmet Dives
For those with limited swimming ability, specially designed helmets allow them to breathe naturally (even keep hair dry and glasses on) while walking on the sea bed. Accompanied by instructors at all times, participants walk through gardens of coral populated by schools of fish.

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