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December 14, 2017
Cayman Islands Dollar
Seven Mile Beach
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CayJet Watersports

  • CayJet Watersports-Seven Mile Beach-Cayman Islands
    CayJet Watersports
  • CayJet Watersports-Seven Mile Beach-Cayman Islands
    Jet Blade through the air
  • CayJet Watersports-Seven Mile Beach-Cayman Islands
    The art of flight


  • Hydro flights on CayJet’s specially designed Jet Blades
  • Private/group sessions with an experienced instructor
  • Full day CayJet sessions that are great for families
  • Video recordings of your CayJet experience available
  • Learn tricks and advanced new skills
  • Drone footage is available for an additional US$60 (CI$ 49.20)


Address :
Anywhere along Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands
Phone :
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Main : (345) 516-2295
Email :
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Facebook :
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  • Hours Of Operation :

Enjoy the thrill of a hydro flight on Jet Blades with CayJet Watersports! Standing and balancing on a board, in mid-air ranks near the top of adventure dreams.
Take pleasure in the amazing feeling of being able to steer yourself through the air with the “cushion” of the water to offset the inevitable impact of your return to earth. Never before in the history of mankind has practising to fly and pushing the limits been so accessible and safe.


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