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December 13, 2017
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Boat Cruises

10 Jan, 2017
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    Calm Cayman Sail
  • Boat Cruises-Water Based Tours & Activities-Cayman Islands
    Cayman Private Charters

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Spending time on Cayman’s beautiful waters is the highpoint of any visitor’s itinerary and rightly so! The calm, crystal clear waters with a cooling breeze make perfect boating conditions as you cruise across the waters. The majority of boat trips tour the North Sound, a 35 square mile area of water protected by the reef, which ensures calm waters as well as offering great snorkelling opportunities. It is also home to the world famous Stingray City.


Boat Trips

When it comes to considering what type of boat trip you’d like to go on, there are several factors to consider such as whether to opt for a private or group tour, whether to spend a full or half day on the water, where to stop for lunch and more.

A private charter gives you flexibility to set your own itinerary. Choose what time you set off, where you go, for how long and where to eat lunch. It’s completely up to you. You might even get access to boat toys such as tubes, water skis and wakeboards. Best of all, you get to enjoy the whole experience with just your friends and family.   

A group tour will mean you have to follow a set itinerary; however, the costs will be much lower. Boats are well-equipped and comfortable and you might even make a few new friends on your trip!

Most charters, whether private or not, will provide a free pick-up/drop-off service in the Seven Mile Beach area, snorkelling gear and complimentary water, ice and snacks.


Popular Itineraries

Stingray City
A whole host of boats run half day trips out to Stingray City Sandbar to frolic with the friendly rays. Most also make one or more additional stops for snorkelling. Snorkel gear and refreshments are normally provided. Many of the operators running these trips will also arrange private charters on request. See the Stingray City page for more information.


Starfish Point

A beautiful calm beach where you will find plenty of starfish. The sea here is warm, shallow and perfect for kids. Please make sure not to remove the starfish from the water – it is illegal.


Snorkelling Stop

A snorkelling stop along the reef, such as at Fisherman Reef or Coral Gardens, should not be missed. You‘ll find incredible visibility, an abundance of tropical fish and healthy coral. You might even spot the resident moray eel.


Reef Fishing

This is a fun option for the whole family where you’ll experience the thrill of catching reef fish fairly easily. Most charters will practice catch and release so the next family can also enjoy the fun. Visit the Fishing in Cayman page for more information.



Refuel at Kaibo or Rum Point, both are cool, laid back beach bars with exceptional food and drinks. Don’t miss Kaibo’s famous mudslide! Alternatively try waterfront restaurants Catch and George Town Yacht Club for fresh seafood. Cayman Luxury Charters offers the full Caribbean experience of anchoring up on a secluded beach and lighting a BBQ for a relaxing lunch.

Sunset & Dinner Cruises
Sunset sails off Seven Mile Beach are a great way to enjoy a Caribbean sunset. Charter Cayman offers private cruises where you can also snorkel the Kittiwake. Red Sail offers sunset cruises along Seven Mile Beach. Contact the concierge department at The Westin and Grand Cayman Beach Suites for more information.


Seven Mile Beach
It’s possible to cruise along Seven Mile Beach with Charter Cayman and Point Blue Sailing. Divetech and Ocean Frontiers also offer snorkel trips to the Kittiwake!


Group Boat Operators

Frank's Watersports

Oh Boy Charters

Tours Cayman

Cayman Sea Elements

White Sand Water Sports

Ambassador Divers (Snorkel Trip)

Divetech (Snorkel Trip)

Soto's Cruises

Ocean Frontiers (Snorkel trips)


Private Boat Operators

Charter Cayman

Frank's Watersports

Oh Boy Charters

Tours Cayman

Cayman Sea Elements

Cayman Luxury Charters

White Sand Water Sports

Ambassador Divers (Snorkel Trip)

Point Blue Sailing

Sail Cayman


Waverunner Tours

Action Watersports

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