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November 18, 2018
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Beaches in Grand Cayman

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    Governor's Beach
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    Public Beach
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    West Bay Public Beach

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There are many wonderful beaches in Grand Cayman. Whether you want to explore the world famous Seven Mile Beach, which was recently named the number 1 Best Beach in the world by U.S. News & World Report and Costal Living, or lounge with the locals, snorkel with tropical fish or relax with a drink, here is a complete guide to Grand Cayman's best beaches.


Seven Mile Beach:

Seven Mile Beach is actually only 5.5miles however that's still miles of glorious white sandy beach and clear blue water to enjoy. It's no wonder that Seven Mile Beach has earned its reputation as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. All of Seven Mile Beach is considered public property up to the water line so feel free to explore the many different "Public Access" beaches along SMB. Here are the most popular and designated Public Beach areas with parking and easy access:


West Bay Public Beach

A popular family friendly beach in West Bay offering street parking, bathroom and changing facilities, beach cabana and plenty of shade. The beach is also adjacent to the West Bay Dock where dive companies launch from and Alfresco Restaurant for nearby dining. Located at the northern tip of West Bay Road, just before the NW Point Road turn off.


Cemetery Beach (located on Seven Mile Beach)

The best snorkelling on Seven Mile Beach with plenty of shade plus parking facilities. Located at the north end of Seven Mile Beach. Look for the cemetery across from the fire station and you will find Cemetery Beach.


Public Beach (located on Seven Mile Beach)

A popular and wide beach. There is a children’s play area, cabanas, restrooms, showers and during high season 13 playground-style inflatable floating trampolines, see-saws, slides, climbing walls and a monster iceberg that children love! The Public Beach is located by Calico Jacks on West Bay Road.


Governor's Beach (located on Seven Mile Beach)

Ample parking and a wide stretch of white sand and crystal clear blue water makes Governor's Beach a popular beach for residents and tourists. One of the better snorkelling sites on Seven Mile Beach with a short swim out to the shallow reef. Governor's Beach is located just north of the Governor's Residence on West Bay Road.


Other Beaches:

Smith Barcadere (formerly Smith Cove)

A small but picturesque pocket of sand in the mainly ironshore coastline. Easy snorkelling, lots of trees, picnic tables, restroom facilities and a freshwater shower. Parking area across the road.


Spott’s Public Beach

A small and often deserted south–facing beach with cliffs at either end and a dock in the middle. It's a great place to spot elusive turtles who usually come into the shallow waters to feed on the sea grass between  4-6pm. Sitting at the end of the dock with a drink in hand, watching the turtles pop their heads up for air as the sun goes down is a fantastic experience! No facilities. Beware of strong currents.


Coe Wood Beach

A sandy beach in Bodden Town with cabanas, a children’s play area and restroom facilities. There is a fish fry available at the Grape Tree beachside café. Walk west for good beachcombing.


Eastern Districts

Various deserted long sandy beaches can be found in the eastern districts. One favourite spot is Barefoot Beach (the Reef Resort is about 2.3 miles away). Expect these beaches to be strewn with washed-up seagrass and quite a bit of flotsam. They aren’t the tidiest of beaches but they have great snorkelling. There is a lovely sandy beach at the Morritt’s Tortuga resort with a bar in the middle of the dock and a virtual aquarium of unafraid fish below. East End Public Beach has a dock, restroom facilities and cabanas for shade.


Cayman Kai Public Beach

On the right before you get to the Rum Point Club, this north facing public beach has a small car park, simple restroom facilities, a cabana and a rustic white sandy beach that is interspersed with rocky areas. The snorkelling here is highly rated.


Rum Point

Very popular at weekends with visitors and residents. Relax in a hammock or snorkel in the sheltered water. Ideal for young children. The Wreck Bar and Grill serves food and cold drinks.


Starfish Point

Just beyond Kaibo at the very tip of Cayman Kai is Starfish Point. Facing into the North Sound, the sea here is calm and shallow. There is also some shade and fun spots for kids. As you would expect, you will find lots of starfish! It is hard to find: you need to go through the gates, that make it look like a private property.



All beaches in Grand Cayman are public up to the high water mark, including the stretches of beach directly in front of resorts. Look out for ‘Beach Access’ signs along coastal roads, park your car and follow the footpaths to some hidden gems.


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Fun Facts
  • 'He hath founded it upon the seas'
    For more than 100 years, shipbuilding was a major source of income in Cayman and between 1900 -1950 more than 280 vessels were built on all three of our islands.
  • Cayman is a top 'winter' vacation!
    The New York Times knows what we already know – that Cayman is one of the top winter destinations in the world! We made it into the Times 10 Winter Getaways to Suit Every Age, January 2012.
  • Cayman Islands on the map
    The Cayman Islands are part of the Cayman Ridge, situated 150 miles south of Cuba and 180 miles west of Jamaica, in the central Caribbean.
  • Cayman Islands voted "Friendliest Destination"
    Three cheers for Cayman hospitality! With more than 150,000 votes cast, the Cayman Islands won "Friendliest Destination" in Caribbean Travel + Life Magazine's annual Best of the Caribbean issue.
  • Did you know ...?
    There are more than 449 banks and 115 trust companies licensed in the Cayman Islands!
  • Dive Cayman's newest wreck!
    The former submarine rescue ship, Ex-USS Kittiwake, was successfully laid to rest after 54 years of service off Seven Mile Beach on 3 January 2011. Marvel at the spectacle of Cayman's 'newest' wreck!
  • How long is Seven Mile Beach?
    No, its not seven miles. Despite its name, Seven Mile Beach is actually 5.5 miles long. The island itself is only 22 miles long!
  • Our National Symbols
    A poll was held in 1996 and as a result, the Cayman parrot was voted national bird of Cayman, wild banana orchid as the national flower and the silver thatch palm as official national tree.
  • Short History of Stingray City
    Locals say stingrays began gathering in the area decades ago when fishermen cleaned their fish in the shallows. Stingrays would come to feast on discarded fish guts. Now they are hand-fed by visitors!
  • Stock up on supplies!
    Remember to make a supermarket your first stop in Cayman if you arrive on a Saturday as all shops are closed on Sundays.
  • Support our Boobies!
    Also known as "Boobies", the Booby Bird can be found in Cayman and were given their name from the Spanish slang term 'bobo', meaning 'dunce'.
  • To tip or not to tip?
    Virtually every restaurant in the Cayman Islands adds a 10% to 15% service charge in lieu of tipping, so check your bill! Tips are always welcome in the absence of a charge or for 'cash' services.
  • Travel with spare change
    Usual bus fare is CI$2 per journey or CI$3 if you take a long trip like George Town to East End or North Side. Listen for the driver beeping to check if you need a ride!
  • What does 'Cayman' mean?
    It means 'crocodile' - Sir Francis Drake arrived in 1586 and noted a sea serpent 12 feet long which was known as a 'caiman' by natives. It was actually an alligator but the name stuck to the islands!